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Life good... in my world! I get good grades and have a great family along side me...not to mention my two great dogs! Also, you can't forget BFF's! All in all, I couldn't ask for anything else!

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My birthday is coming up and I am so excited because its my golden birthday! Golden birthday means if your b-day is on September 11 (which is mine) and your turning 11 that's your Golden B-Day! So thi...
Right now is spring break. I'm in Days Inn Hotel in California with my sister, step-mom, and dad so pretty much my hole family. My trip started yesterday or Saturday at about 4 o'clock. We went to my ...
Life right now for me is great! Me and my sister are getting along, I live in great homes, and I have the best dogs.But something very soon is going to happen to me..... I'm going into middle school n...
Yellow,the smell of breakfast being made,Yellow yolks and lemonade.The mellow feeling after eating,Wait 30minutes before swimming.The color you see on T.V.That's spongebob who is filled with glee!Abov...
Every year my family and I go on a houseboat trip with some of our friends.Usually there is 2boats,1houseboat, and 2jet skies but this year we are going to have 1boat, 1houseboat, and 4jet skies.Jet s...
I have another dog she lives with my stepmother (you know her right, from my other story)she is a yellow Labrador and she is four years old and is so cute, if you are eating something she likes, she w...
When I was just 2 years old 911 happened and 911 was my own birthday.That day, all day, me and my family were at church and we didn't celebrate my birthday till the next day and that is the end of my ...
Right now I am in Cleveland,Ohio. I have a dog(Rascal) that I haven't seen since December. And there is another dog that I haven't seen since June (Bella). I love them both the same. They are both so...
My sister was living in Cleveland and now she lives in NV,and me and my mom visited my sister before school started and when I didn't expect it.... my mom said were staying in NV. I was so happy to h...
You know, step-mom's usually are sometimes mean but my step-mom ROCKS! She LOVES dog's and my dad isn't so wild about them. Anyway, you know how they usually don't get along with your actual mom??????...
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