B.B.C. - Blogging before Coffee, generally early morning blogs, sometimes non-sensical and with no clear direction. Please note "bbc" in Post Name as a courtesy to other bloggers.
Beer Bloggles - when a person appears much more attractive through their blog than they do in real life.
Blog - A online diary, a personal chronological log of thoughts published on the web
Blogaholic - A blogster that is constantly blogging and blogfrogging, Blogster has become a big part of their life. Blogamy - having more than one blog at one time.
Bloganoia - The irrational fear that all the other Blogsters are blogging about you behind your back. Blogcabin - a getaway home, close to nature where a blogger goes to blog in peace.
Blogfog - the state of confusion you feel when you can no longer tell Blogster from the rest of the world.
Bloggerred - totally worn out for long hours of blogging and blogfrogging.
Bloggerjack - a blogger who cuts down what other bloggers have to say, "Are you always such a Bloggerjack?" Blogitive - an exclusive right or privilege held by a person or group to blog and to do blog stuff.
Blogmercial - a blog with an underlying commercial motive.
Blogout - a term used to identify blogging out of a blog, used instead of logout.
Blogsessed - To have the mind excessively preoccupied with Blogster or an individual Blogster
Blogspert - A Blogster with a high degree of skill in or knowledge of blogging
Blogster - any one who creates and updates a blog
Blogeye - a person who reads a blog, a blog voyeur - every blog at Blogster has the total "Blogeyes" for that blog. Total blog readership.
Blogfrog - a blogster who jumps from blog to blog leaving comments, a serial commentor. Blogster lists the most prolific BlogFrogs daily. The most comments you post on a daily basis, the higher on the BlogFrog list you go.
Blogoriffic - extraordinarily good blog; a blog that moves and excites readers (thanks Vera) Blogophyte - a person new to blogging, a new blogster
Blogville - a virtual community that all blogsters coexist in
Buddy Blogs - blogs that the blog owners likes, blogs of interest o the blog owner.
Bloginator - Previous Governor of Blogifornia (you shouldn't have asked)
Blogmaster - a master blogger, someone who has created a blog of substantial interest and readership
Bloggers Block - the inability to come up with a blog topic.
Blogversationalish - adj. appearing or presenting the appearence of one who is a blogversationalist or engages in blogversation.
B.U.I. - Blogging under the influence, blogging while consuming more than one (1) alcoholic beverage.
Diablog - (n) a normal conversation between two people
Geezster - an elderly Blogster, often found blogging in the "Golden Years" channel.
Monoblog - (n) a one sided conversation, one personal bloging with others listening
Picture Post - photographic part of a blog. Pictures are posted by Bloggers as part of their blog.
Sponster - someone or a company that sponsors, support our Sponsters, it keeps Blogster Free

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