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I sit here on the laptop, reading posts, commenting, and decided to write one quickly. Ha, quickly! I haven't written since the New Year, so I could write a BOOK! Maybe not quite that long. Yes I coul...
but I haven't forgotten about greasy or my friends here. I don't have internet at home yet but I am using a friend's laptop tonight so it's all good. Yeah, it's late, but when is there a bad time to s...
glitter-graphics.comI'll be living my life on my own terms surrounded by people who love me......
I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to write first! This coming from someone who has plenty to say most all of the time. My life has changed a lot in the past month, and will continue to change...
It's Friday! Okay, this means not having to get up in the morning to get daughter ready for school. But she isn't here anyway. It is the beginning of the month and her dad came to pick her up for the ...
How do you really commemorate such a day as this, eight years after 9/11? There are so many ways, and this is happening today. But in my mind and heart, no matter what occurs the wanting is still ther...
without creating more on my own. I was challenged One more thing today to put a smile on my face. And roll my eyes at.(Hey, my dad says that any day you aren't six feet under is a good day...
I was reading this morning about the woman that reunited with her mother after being missing for eighteen years. The conditions in which she and her two children she bore to a child molester were spar...
Hey, it's Friday. To some this is a big deal. For others they still have to work the weekend. For us, another day. For a couple more weeks.In less than three weeks my daughter will start the fifth gra...
I am just one of those people who DOESN'T leap out of bed, dance around the room and burst into song. Or successfully make a pot of coffee seven days in a row either, without spilling some grounds som...
I really don't have much to say this morning (actually I got plenty, as usual) but thought it would be nice to say good morning. I know, I know, it's almost afternoon, but I love posting one of those ...
Another fine day in Mid-Michigan. Sunny, breezy, and comfortable. Not sure what the weekend will bring as the forecast is similar for the next three days. Few showers, probably cloudy, and temps in th...
Hi all. I should be outdoors, enjoying the mild temps and sunshine but here I sit blogging. ;) Actually, being indoors is probably good right now and today. My allergies rear their ugly head regularly...
I see that I haven't posted for over three weeks now. Gee, time flies when you are being a good girl, I mean having fun.I have spent less social time on the computer as of late and much more looking f...
I had to share's so funny....