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Beautiful Day ... Outdoors!

I sit here on the laptop, reading posts, commenting, and decided to write one quickly. Ha, quickly! I haven't written since the New Year, so I could write a BOOK! Maybe not quite that long. Yes I could. Those who know me here know I can talk long.

It is warm, not quite hot, here in Mid-Michigan. Daughter had a friend spend the night last night and today they have found ways to stay cool, including filling large plastic tubs with cold water (no hose or little pools here in the apartment complex) and spraying one another with the large squirt guns I bought yesterday.

I am trying to be frugal with what money I have so that daughter and I can go to West Virginia next month and visit family. Plenty to do on the cheap, just a matter of keeping the kiddos busy.

I purchased a nice used laptop this month and generally have little trouble getting wifi with no cashola put out. Love it! I love being connected to the world via invisible signals, especially on facebook. Even my sisters and I are closer now, able to communicate more.

I have the puter outside because the signal is stronger and the girlies have been playing outside til now. There is a sizable eve so I am in the shade.

I guess summer is offcially here. It is Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start! Anyway, back to reading posts. Enjoy the holiday!

posted on May 29, 2010 11:59 AM ()

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