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"Good is better than Evil, 'cause it's Nicer!" -- Mammy Yokum

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The last (domain) sale we made was to a cruise company, and it pleases me because they’re pointing the name to their already-created site and it looks great. (Deaf vacations dot com) Some time back,...
Tonight no one should knock the power of intense prayer, to me. Out of the blue, a sale was just agreed upon — which will give me money before I run out. I truly didn’t think it was going to happe...
I traded up for a new iphone -- but I actually get to keep the old one, which I've paid fully for, now -- and I am not pleased. It's twice as fragile as the old one. To start with, it has a glass back...
The actual view from one side of my sister's place. The buildings were so close. These aluminum-looking buildings are Gateway Center Nos. 2 and 4, I think. I thought I had some of the river view, but...
My sister invited me with her to a lecture by Rick Steves yesterday, part of a Heinz Hall lecture series, all about European travel. This sister has gone many times to Europe so it was definitely her ...
Please cross your fingers for me. So stressed right now....
A corner of the basement had a small flood, and I spent a long time mopping it up yesterday. It is still raining, but the water is no longer leaking in. I’m pretty sure it was from a bunch of ice th...
Trying to do some work today. Most of the week has just been useless. Oddly, it was a week when lots of sales inquiries came in, after a thin period. Most are usual business requests, but one was for ...
With the weird back-and-forth weather everyone across the country has had, I think this has added to the opportunities flu and cold viruses have had to grab us. I don’t usually get colds, but I am f...
The local TV channel's helicopter pilot has a Twitter feed I just found, and he posts spectacular photos of the city from overhead. Lately there have been views of the rivers covered in ice, looking a...
In one day, the temperature went from low 50s to 20 degrees. The yards were bare of snow or ice.Then this fell: I am procrastinating, sitting here, instead of shoveling. Really don't feel like it, but...
I stayed up way too late reading the transcript of the Fusion GPS guy’s testimony to the Senate. But it’s an incredible thing to read. This man, Glenn Simpson, and his company were hired twice dur...
In some ways my state is really provincial. In the past I haven’t had any real beef with our antiquated liquor store system, which is run by the state. You buy beer at a beer distributor, or a small...
It's a cold day, good for sitting around watching the Gorilla channel.I am down to one sink in my house (kitchen), except for the basement sink downstairs, until the bathroom pipes unfreeze. I can get...
I saw this on Craigslist in the Volunteers section."With the snow, high rivers and single digit temperatures, this winter in Pittsburgh has been especially hard on the homeless. Volunteers are need to...