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"Good is better than Evil, 'cause it's Nicer!" -- Mammy Yokum

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My groundhog clan has been chased off. When all the wood boards and stones over the animal burrow area were moved, it turned out it wasn’t a tunnel at all, but a closed ditch or divot. It must have ...
Never rains but it pours. Not actual rain here, just bad luck. In order to sell, people have to be able to reach you. My email was messed up; my sales newsletters wouldn’t go out; the internet is bl...
Outside the front door at the corner of the house where the groundhogs live, I planted a sonar spike which beeps every 30 seconds. It needs to be recharged in the sun every few days. I hope this will ...
I’ve been in dire straits for a long while and it complicates things that my older sister tries to examine everything I’m doing, and also tells me long lists of what I should be doing and have to ...
The groundhog didn’t leave as I’d thought, and this morning I found the darn thing had babies. Three of them were sitting on my steps. They are cute, but all of them have to go. So now it’s a mu...
So, trying to direct my thoughts to other things, I’ve been reading a lot of news. And there’s so much news, especially if you watch Rachel Maddow. The Korean leaders walking across the borders be...
I'm kind of wanting to rip my hair out because of the non-payment. I need that payment. No one at the company sends emails back, or phones, when I've expressly asked someone on the phone to do that. T...
The biggest companies get too unwieldy to work right, in my experience. Just look at Facebook, who never bothered to take protective actions it was supposed to, and now it’s so big it is a monumenta...
There was a short story about a little boy who terrorized and controlled his small town from the minute he was born. The story was called "It's a Good Life." The weather was something he controlled to...
If... there truly are hundreds of other non-disclosure agreements that Michael Cohen created for women that Trump wanted silenced, as news articles say, I wonder if Trump signed all of those. The lack...
One minute it snows, the next it's flooding. A friend who lives in a more rural area an hour away said he has no heat, light or water. Local equipment is to blame for the water, I think, and then powe...
Something happened with radio band just now. The FCC had an auction, which is very unusual, supposedly to help wireless networks and soon-to-come 5G service, but probably because I don’t understand ...
City police were very friendly, asking people to "come this way" so the march could get started. This seemed weird. In a moment, their friendliness was explained. The mayor of Pittsburgh was going to ...
Punxsutawney Phil is in danger recently, at least from local law enforcement. A sheriff's office put up a wanted poster about him, charging him with... hmm... possibly the charge would be "lack of can...
It came in quietly, overnight. The weather channels couldn't even say what you'd get; they offered 3 "models" -- and most of Pittsburgh happened to be sitting in an area right in the center where all ...