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"Good is better than Evil, 'cause it's Nicer!" -- Mammy Yokum

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mmdecided against this...
The chill inside the house won’t seem to leave. I guess if I bestirred myself to go light a fire in the back room it would help. Until about a week ago I did not know what the ash-dump in the firepl...
Other people are normal and listen to music regularly, but somehow I've never done that, and I notice that when I feel better I suddenly notice the lack of music and need to binge. I often discover th...
Ordinarily I would not be caught dead reading the 29-page court finding from the Ninth Circuit Court on the travel ban, but a friend of mine was excited about it and made me look at it online with him...
I am not surprised at everyone's silence lately. These days, after seeing the news, I just shut my eyes tight and try to quell my feelings.One thing I believe we should keep doing is enraging him, ins...
The news sites have all sorts of photos today comparing today’s inauguration crowds to those in 2009 and other years. The headcount estimate they’ll report tomorrow is made painstakingly, dividing...
Today I went down to the basement intending to get some of the wooden shelving to bring up and use as bookcases to replace ones I’ve sold. I was greeted by big puddles of water leaking from the wate...
I’ve been holding back my adjectives. But after reading more about how Trump is enriching himself by his campaign, puts his kids in every government-to-be meeting, puts his own brand of bottled wate...
Tomorrow I have to dig the car out of snow. More will probably fall tonight. Oh, well. At least my wooden steps don’t really have to be cleared, since the bottom step is broken and the stairway barr...
The sky looks like lead, as usual, but I guess this hints at snow that is trying to come this way. Apart from a tiny dusting of snowflakes last night, nothing has happened yet -- but it's gotten colde...
No, I don't have two brains, unfortunately. That would be great, like a 2nd hard drive for storage.No, the other problem is being navigationally challenged. I get lost very easily, and this is compoun...
I don’t know how prevalent it is to mix up your words when you’re talking and say the wrong ones, but I’ve been doing it for at least 15 or so years. It may happen when I’m thinking out loud, ...
Andy Griffith always seemed like a good guy to me, and the other day I binge-watched some very old episodes of The Andy Griffith Show on Netflix, and enjoyed the nice-guy attitude of the entire show. ...
Please feel free to add to this list: Pretend we're assembling a bunch of military men and name them. Their ranks include at least General, Major, and Private. If you think of any Colonels or other ra...
Yesterday morning some people were in short sleeves, today we had a dusting -- or rather, clotting -- of snow on the grass. This is through my side screendoor. I like the effect. And I also see how I ...