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"Good is better than Evil, 'cause it's Nicer!" -- Mammy Yokum

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The local TV channel's helicopter pilot has a Twitter feed I just found, and he posts spectacular photos of the city from overhead. Lately there have been views of the rivers covered in ice, looking a...
In one day, the temperature went from low 50s to 20 degrees. The yards were bare of snow or ice.Then this fell: I am procrastinating, sitting here, instead of shoveling. Really don't feel like it, but...
I stayed up way too late reading the transcript of the Fusion GPS guy’s testimony to the Senate. But it’s an incredible thing to read. This man, Glenn Simpson, and his company were hired twice dur...
In some ways my state is really provincial. In the past I haven’t had any real beef with our antiquated liquor store system, which is run by the state. You buy beer at a beer distributor, or a small...
It's a cold day, good for sitting around watching the Gorilla channel.I am down to one sink in my house (kitchen), except for the basement sink downstairs, until the bathroom pipes unfreeze. I can get...
I saw this on Craigslist in the Volunteers section."With the snow, high rivers and single digit temperatures, this winter in Pittsburgh has been especially hard on the homeless. Volunteers are need to...
Things I did while waiting for the holiday rain to stop: made some candles. And now all the rain is snow. The big one was poured into a wax carton, which is something I wish I used more of, because t...
Suburban neighborhoods give themselves leave to put up the silliest decorations, which is amusing and sometimes very pretty. A house a couple of doors down has a massive 8-foot teddy bear sitting on t...
Number of domains I want to eventually transfer out of Godaddy, ever since they changed 3 things: 1,023. Number of domains I own starting with the word super: 14Number of domains I own with the .ws ex...
Sherrod Brown should stick around to run in 2020. Finally, he's truly hollering at the Republicans about this abortion of a tax bill.Other than that, I'm horrified by the slew of news and accusations ...
Last night I made the mistake of watching a little more of a Netflix show called The Mist. I’m through with it now, because there was something really diseased about its female characterization. In ...
It’s been raining and storming for the last few days, lots of lightning and brief power outages. But the rain today is kind of solid: little bits of ice in each splash. There is a boil-water advisor...
Sometimes older tech gets a second life. I own a 1st generation iPad, which is very heavy and so old it can no longer update the apps I had on it -- not even Skype. It stopped being able to play video...
Resuming my nighttime walks around and around the block, I get to see how the animal life is getting along, but it has been strange because the rabbits that should be there every single night — 2 in...