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"Good is better than Evil, 'cause it's Nicer!" -- Mammy Yokum

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Sherrod Brown should stick around to run in 2020. Finally, he's truly hollering at the Republicans about this abortion of a tax bill.Other than that, I'm horrified by the slew of news and accusations ...
Last night I made the mistake of watching a little more of a Netflix show called The Mist. I’m through with it now, because there was something really diseased about its female characterization. In ...
It’s been raining and storming for the last few days, lots of lightning and brief power outages. But the rain today is kind of solid: little bits of ice in each splash. There is a boil-water advisor...
Sometimes older tech gets a second life. I own a 1st generation iPad, which is very heavy and so old it can no longer update the apps I had on it -- not even Skype. It stopped being able to play video...
Resuming my nighttime walks around and around the block, I get to see how the animal life is getting along, but it has been strange because the rabbits that should be there every single night — 2 in...
In marketing it’s smart to use a name everyone remembers. For example, the man who sold the domain name Hatred.com to Milos Yiannopolous for $150k uses a distasteful nickname — uglydork — on the...
My friend M. was thinking about solutions to prevent a recurrence of the Las Vegas shooting -- specific to what that guy did. First, he said, there should be gunfire sensors on the outsides of the bui...
Yesterday I saw this on BuzzFeed. Items #3 and #11 -- the hummingbird who may need glasses, and the cat enjoying a good piano -- are my favorite animal links now. ...
Today I felt like making things. First, I wanted to make the easy microwave honey lip balm, which has a recipe on OnegoodthingbyJillee.com. () It is just almond oil, beeswax, honey and some essential ...
Sunglasses, beer, and prunes. And jumping up and down. My oldest sister gave all this as advice for healthy living as my other sisters and I get older. Most of it was from AARP mailings, aimed at prev...
These remind me of the Forever Houses in Clifford Simak's novel, Ring Around The Sun. Those were prefab houses that never, ever wore out, and were cheaper than any house anyone could buy. These wear o...
My sewing machine broke again, and this time it isn’t just in need of a new needle. The bobbin won’t turn. My sister gave me her old machine to see if it would work, but I can’t get it to run ei...
Speaking of people who are satires of themselves, Trump was pretty astonishing today again with the comment re: Mika Brzezinski.I haven't heard that level of woman-hatred from a public figure since Ju...
Like those people who stare at the dead bodies of fallen birds, or road-squashed raccoons and other animals, I have trouble resisting looking at the domains I see sold -- and thinking it means somethi...
I called to get an estimate of the cash cost of an appointment for an annual exam with the doctor I saw last. A few days later they sent it to me in the mail: $546. And that is after a 20% discount fo...