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Jobs & Careers > No Country, No Jobs for Old Men

No Country, No Jobs for Old Men

It's very sad in this country that when a person gets to be older than fifty, it seems that no one wants to hire them.
This has been my experience and is one that creates and leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
As a result of having to leave the work force for over a year due to a severe life-threatening illness, I have found it to be extremely difficult to reenter the work force.
Even with all of my experience, skills, and past training, there have been no opportunities that have opened. I have continued to send out resumes, make contacts and have interviews, all with no success. It seems that employers don't want to hire someone in their fifty's as this person is a liability risk, and might cost them more money than a younger person. How sad for this country, and for business to just throw away those who could enhance a company's productivity and success with their years of experience and knowledge and instead hire someone who has little or no experience.
I have learned from this experience that being old in this country is not looked on with respect. In Fact, being old makes you a liability.

posted on Oct 26, 2008 6:55 AM ()


Yanni - you need to move to Canada man! We have a chronic shortage of teachers and there is no way in hell you pay ANYTHING for your Health Care. I had a chronic illness and missed 7 years from the workforce and had the best medical care in the world and it didn't cost me a dime nor did I lose my home or anything else. I know people say our taxes are higher here, but you know what - I don't care! It's brilliant that you don't have to worry if you, your spouse or your child are sick - it leaves you free to get on with getting healthy. Universal medical care for citizens should be free. I hope things are going to go better for you in this coming year.
comment by lizbeth on Dec 28, 2008 2:33 PM ()
Yanni - you offer what many cannot. Experience and wisdom. I am also over 50 (actually born in 52) and right now looking for work. My take on this, is yes I may only work for you for another 5 or 10 years, but guess what? I bring a wealth of experience to this table and it will be the best 5 or 10 years your company every has if it hires me.

I am using this time to examine my life and whether or not this is truly the time to change career paths and crank up my passion for work once again.
comment by lizbeth on Dec 28, 2008 10:23 AM ()
Even worse if you are of "dark skin" But, I solved that problem by letting my last employer pay for my PhD., then take their retirement pension; and now teach math and business classes on an almost full-time basis; and earn more money than I did before!!!
comment by oldfatguy on Oct 26, 2008 2:51 PM ()
It's the sad truth, and the current president's solution is for the over-50 unemployed to make a new career for themselves by selling stuff on eBay. Didn't I hear John McCain say that he would consider putting the woman who founded or runs eBay on his cabinet. Shuffling our junk around the country is not going to solve the economy, and I see it as a reincarnation of 'let them eat cake.'
comment by troutbend on Oct 26, 2008 10:26 AM ()

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