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I am a happy wife, mother and grandmother, an animal lover, an obsessed reader, a foodie and a sometime painter. Also the oldest blogger at 83.

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We are a small town embedded in a big city.It is One of the things I love about living where I do. There is a circle in one of our neighborhoods where all the five families living in this area are mor...
I only have one, an I Robot vac and I love it. I have figured out a way to lock it into one room at a time and it is such a time and work saver. I can be completing another task while it cleans. It go...
I have tried very hard not to admit that I was losing my hearing but it became impossible to deny. I went to an audiologist and sure enough my husband was right, I had ahearing loss.The young woman wh...
Our great nephew has said that every pet is a potential heartbreak. He learned this the hard way, losing the dog he grew up with named Rebel.We recognize this but would never want to be without a dog ...
Mike and Fredo left yesterday morning. We were shut in because of a hard rain all day Wednesday but spent the rest of the time at museums and art galleries. We took them tothe local artist galleries o...
Thought you might want to know that Alfredo Rossi and Mike Arvenitis are visiting us the week of the second of Oct.We are all excited and can't wait to see our good friends.Mike always treats us by co...
Jose is a small dog designed to have a lot of fur and a tiny body. However when they crossed a pomeranian and a chihuahua they neglected to think it through. Both breeds have tiny mouths and teeth and...
Jose and I are pretty much left to our own devices, especially when O. U. is playing. Adrienne has a job atthe stadium, showing people to their seats so she didn't come home and Ted is glued to the TV...
We always dreaded August as Oklahoma is usually bone dry and the heat is 100plus degrees. The temperatures have been in the eighties and we have had lots of rain. The tomatoes have gone crazy and the ...
Our local Sears store is closing and I saw the most wonderful machine. It was a very large driving leafpicker upper and was on half price sale at 489.00. I lovedit because the leaves sit on our lawn u...
Loss seems to be a part of life and the longer one lives, the more losses beset us. Rex was apparently healthy, except for numerous tumors when all of a sudden he startedlimping. At first, we thought ...
The worst part is that it is only Thursday. First of all, Sunday night Rex could not walk. It just happened out ofthe blue. He was outside playing and then came in the on three legs. The vet put him o...
Dog days are almost here but it is always dog days at our house. Little Jose has gained an amazing amount of weight and can no longer walk in the heat so we have to get up and go at 6:30 a. m. when it...
We celebrated the fourth on Saturday with a picnic which also served as the Hinkle family reunion. Ted's fivebrothers were there and some of my SIL's relatives. David and Nova have a lovely home in th...
I get my news second hand from my daughter but Laura has ajob bar tending in a roof top bar in a hotel in Manhattan. She is running out of money so we are going to have to help her with an apartment. ...