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I am a happy wife, mother and grandmother, an animal lover, an obsessed reader, a foodie and a sometime painter. Also the oldest blogger at 83.

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May has been such a busy month for us with Ashley's activities,and Laura's pending move to New York City to followher dream. Let me say here that Teal has been an enormous help with this locating cont...
A club I belong to recently went to a luncheon at Rose State College where we had our DNA done. I got my results and only had two surprises. I knew it would come out English and French but it also cam...
I really hate to tell this on myself but in retrospect, itis funny. Ted laughed his head off.I went for a hearing evaluation today and because the doctor has such a nice clean rest room, I decided to ...
The alley behind my house is littered with tree limbsand branches. We had winds of 80mph Friday morning. Thetrees literally looked like they were spinning and it wasaccompanied with torrential rain.A ...
What was the best time you ever lived through? I think I was the happiest in my late thirties. I was in college, my children were small and our nation was at peace. I wasmentally and physically engage...
Rex and Jose are my helpers, quite willing to assist me indigging,(in all the wrong places) but even so I am gettinga lot done outside. I wear out in a couple of hours butslow and steady is the way I ...
The first Best dog I ever had was Poochie. He was a mongrel with loads of personality. When I fought with my sister he joined in on the losing side. He left home when I did and joined a family with sm...
It is the back yard. I have so much to do and have gotten utterly lazy. It was 90 degrees here yesterday and I waited until late to work out there. I need to fertilizethe roses and fill in the holes t...
This is definitely not health food! One package of milkchocolate chips, one package of butterscotch chips and onehalf cup heavy cream.Microwave for l minute, stir until chips are dissolved andadd lots...
Ted and I went to the Jewel Box Theater last night to seeBus Stop. I had seen the movie but didn't realize the play was so funny. I laughed until I cried at the girlwho did the Marilyn Monroe pole dan...
Sad to say, my mother and I did not get along and when Igraduated from highschool, at age l7, I proceeded to geta job and move away from home. I went to work for South-Western Bell and earned twenty s...
I mailed my property taxes to the County and my incomeprep statement to my lawyer who will do my taxes and Ifeel a vast sense of relief. It is a hassle to get my stuff to Mark so he can do the taxes b...
Spray a nine by thirteen inch pan and spread a cup ofcoconut and a cup of pecans in the bottom.Then prepare a German Chocolate cake mix according topackage directions and pour over the coconut and pec...
The political situation is depressing beyond belief. Whyis no one held accountable for clear violations to theConstitution? I am more vocal than I have ever been butit is depressing because no one of ...
When we relate to strangers and people on the street in akind and friendly way, there is no malice and no attentionto their color or there differences. I can't understandwhy our so called leaders must...