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I am a happy wife, mother and grandmother, an animal lover, an obsessed reader, a foodie and a sometime painter. Also the oldest blogger at 83.

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Dog days are almost here but it is always dog days at our house. Little Jose has gained an amazing amount of weight and can no longer walk in the heat so we have to get up and go at 6:30 a. m. when it...
We celebrated the fourth on Saturday with a picnic which also served as the Hinkle family reunion. Ted's fivebrothers were there and some of my SIL's relatives. David and Nova have a lovely home in th...
I get my news second hand from my daughter but Laura has ajob bar tending in a roof top bar in a hotel in Manhattan. She is running out of money so we are going to have to help her with an apartment. ...
I just spent three hours on facebook which seems to be an utter waste of time. I feel that if I don't protest thishorrible administration, it makes me complicit. I have alienated a lot of my extended ...
Yesterday, I got very angry at Ted which is unusual but he made a hateful and stupid remark which set my teeth on edge.He said he was tired of eating slop. I had served a pasta,cheese and hamburger di...
I scored big this weekend. I now have three doors in greatcondition stashed in the garage. I saw them on the curb whenI was on my way to the library. I stopped on my way home and inquired if they were...
Some evil witch put a spell upon me but after a week of smallmisfortunes, not the least of which was a haircut that almostscalped me, I think it is over and my world OK.Jose and I have been walking wi...
May has been such a busy month for us with Ashley's activities,and Laura's pending move to New York City to followher dream. Let me say here that Teal has been an enormous help with this locating cont...
A club I belong to recently went to a luncheon at Rose State College where we had our DNA done. I got my results and only had two surprises. I knew it would come out English and French but it also cam...
I really hate to tell this on myself but in retrospect, itis funny. Ted laughed his head off.I went for a hearing evaluation today and because the doctor has such a nice clean rest room, I decided to ...
The alley behind my house is littered with tree limbsand branches. We had winds of 80mph Friday morning. Thetrees literally looked like they were spinning and it wasaccompanied with torrential rain.A ...
What was the best time you ever lived through? I think I was the happiest in my late thirties. I was in college, my children were small and our nation was at peace. I wasmentally and physically engage...
Rex and Jose are my helpers, quite willing to assist me indigging,(in all the wrong places) but even so I am gettinga lot done outside. I wear out in a couple of hours butslow and steady is the way I ...
The first Best dog I ever had was Poochie. He was a mongrel with loads of personality. When I fought with my sister he joined in on the losing side. He left home when I did and joined a family with sm...
It is the back yard. I have so much to do and have gotten utterly lazy. It was 90 degrees here yesterday and I waited until late to work out there. I need to fertilizethe roses and fill in the holes t...