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I am a happy wife, mother and grandmother, an animal lover, an obsessed reader, a foodie and a sometime painter. Also the oldest blogger at 83.

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Spray a nine by thirteen inch pan and spread a cup ofcoconut and a cup of pecans in the bottom.Then prepare a German Chocolate cake mix according topackage directions and pour over the coconut and pec...
The political situation is depressing beyond belief. Whyis no one held accountable for clear violations to theConstitution? I am more vocal than I have ever been butit is depressing because no one of ...
When we relate to strangers and people on the street in akind and friendly way, there is no malice and no attentionto their color or there differences. I can't understandwhy our so called leaders must...
We are trying to let go of a political dream right now andthe old homily about giving someone enough rope and theywill hang themselves comes to mind. I hope it is sooner rather than later, before too ...
I don't know of any of you are familiar with the termChivaree and where it originated. I think it must be a country French custom and the spelling is undoubtedlymore elegant. Something more like chiva...
I find myself longing for a time when we were not alienated from nature. When houses had front porches with swings andwe sat outside and visited with our neighbors on summer nights when the moon was b...
This little dog is high maintenance. I never knew thelittle ones were so fragile or maybe it is just hisparticular breed. So far we have spent four hundred dollars in vet bills and have not addressed ...
1. Jose is sick2. Rex woke me up at 3 a. m. to go out and I couldn't goback to sleep.3. Rex covered the carpet in the dining room with poopand cleaning it up was a mess.4. My coffee pot broke.5. I dec...
They are almost over except for New Years eve and NewYears day which we largely ignore. I decorated the mantle but did not have the heart to putup the tree. I was grateful for the parties and had a go...
I just made a batch of nofail fudge and another batch ofdate balls to feed hungry grandchildren. Shephard and Iare watching Mandy so I will take him a plate. Previously,I had made toffee, white chocol...
Last night we braved the elements to attend a party at theGovernor's Mansion. It was not all that cold but there wasa nasty drizzle and a ghost like fog. Evidently the roadswere very slick and we enco...
I have been spending some time with my cousins and my sister and the big push is on to get my cousin, Thelmainto a wig. She has perhaps three hairs on her head and abright pink scalp. So far her respo...
The weather was beautiful, the food was superb and the company warm and wonderful, all thirty of us connected bylove and DNA.We had turkey, chicken, ham, salads, Vegetables, 4 kinds ofpie rolls and th...
Please take time out of your busy holiday schedule to calltwo numbers. One is 202-225-5074 Reform Me a nastyRepublican reform. The mailbox was full when I called butI can continue to try. The other nu...
There was a wealth of beautiful objects to look at, theywere too pricey for any of us to buy at this time of year. After being treated to a much too long demonstration of theactual glass blowing, I ca...