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Life & Events > The Best Times of Our Lives

The Best Times of Our Lives

What was the best time you ever lived through? I think I was the happiest in my late thirties. I was in college, my children were small and our nation was at peace. I was
mentally and physically engaged and to busy to obsess over

It is interesting to know what era was our favorite. I identify with sixties music and the culture of the time.

Tell me about your happiest years.

posted on Apr 12, 2017 4:58 AM ()


I know you will continue to have fun with Ron and the children. Just think how smart you were to wait to have your family. My daughter did
the same and now she is enjoying being a grandmother at retirement age.
comment by elderjane on Apr 13, 2017 4:24 AM ()
My happiest time was early years of being with Jay before he got sick, and my working life at The Times, before management changed. My current life lacks the kick, but is comfortable and pleasant and, other than dealing with a man determined to not follow any orders from his doctor, reasonably happy.

One especially great time was editing a service for overseas conglomerates. I researched financial news. One time, Jay called and asked "what's up" and I answered "soybean futures!!" and we had a great laugh over that. He was so pleased that I had found a focus and was happy with the work.
comment by tealstar on Apr 12, 2017 6:29 AM ()
I knew your best times would be with Jay and the N.Y. times. It must have been wonderful to feel fulfilled in your marriage and your career.
reply by elderjane on Apr 13, 2017 4:21 AM ()
I have had a lot of fun throughout my years... I liked them all
comment by kristilyn3 on Apr 12, 2017 5:20 AM ()
Oops! reply is above.
reply by elderjane on Apr 13, 2017 4:25 AM ()

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