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Health & Fitness > Cancer > Medical Woes

Medical Woes

Bobby is recovering from the last week's chemo. Ted had
dental surgery yesterday and Rex went to the vet today for
his yearly shots. Ted and Bobby are doing as well as can
be expected and Rex has his nose inserted in an air
conditioning vent.

We met another lovely Golden Retriever at the Vet's office
and although he was a male, they got along famously. They
rubbed noses and wagged their tails and looked fetching
and beautiful. I love this breed for their good nature
and their charm.

Our vet is scatterbrained but nice. Rex, being spoiled,
refuses her treats but the other guy wolfed them up.
I got Rex a nice bone for later.

Ted is mostly having blender meals. I feel so sorry
for him. Bobby said the chemo made him feel
better after the headache and nausea wore off.
This one treatment cost l4,000 dollars. l0 for the Evastin
and over 4 for the steroids vitamins and other additives.
This seems to be price gouging of the worst kind to me.
I am so grateful that he has good insurance through
Ellie's job. He gets another round next Wed. Such a
high price to pay .

posted on July 30, 2013 4:42 PM ()


Sending a huge bouquet of ....
comment by marta on Oct 6, 2013 9:04 AM ()
UGS I HATE healthcare costs! It's so unreal. Seriously. Sad stuff... I am glad Rex did just fine at the vets office and I had to laugh at the nose in the air conditioner vent comment. He sounds like such a cool guys...
comment by kristilyn3 on Aug 4, 2013 12:21 PM ()
WOW!!---$14000 for one treatment?-----Australians are lucky , I had 12 chemo and 23 radiation treatments ,,, free of charge as a pensioner
comment by kevinshere on Aug 2, 2013 1:24 AM ()
Horrible isn't it. We are the only civilized country without decent free
health care.
reply by elderjane on Aug 2, 2013 11:12 AM ()
I wonder how much Medicare, which tends to realistically appraise the value of medical work, would authorize for those treatments.
comment by steeve on July 31, 2013 7:20 PM ()
I don't know but if his insurance tops out we will find out. He is presently on ss disability and a private policy and I understand that you get medicare
after a year on disability. Of course we hope it doesn't top out because who knows if there is an oncologist that will take medicare.
reply by elderjane on Aug 2, 2013 11:15 AM ()
Hugs to all of you.
comment by nittineedles on July 30, 2013 7:39 PM ()
Thanks. I will take all I can get!
reply by elderjane on July 31, 2013 4:35 AM ()
There is a no substitute for good insurance. I'm glad you're still perking along taking care of everyone.
comment by troutbend on July 30, 2013 6:31 PM ()
I did not have health insurance until I was 60. I shudder to think how I
skated through life thinking I was immortal and invincible.
reply by elderjane on July 31, 2013 4:37 AM ()

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