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Edward: "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb." Bella: "What a stupid lamb." Edward: "What a sick, masochistic lion."

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Behind my house our landlord has two big building for storage for his company. Feral cats live there. Mama cat has litters all the time and i put food and water out, especially in winter. But I have n...
I've been working on a blanket since I have been out of work. It started because I needed something to do to calm myself. I have a hoard of yarn and found some nice happy colors. So I started making l...
Hello friends!Here is some news from my life. Dakota starts high school on the 23rd. How did my little boy get to this point? Oh and he isn't so little, almost 6 feet tall! One of my friends calls him...
This is my Granddaughter, Kennidy Ann. She came into the world on March 25. She has had me wrapped around her little finger since day 1. Mama is doing well, she is a natural at being a mom. I took a ...
Just a quick note to my Greasy friends! Dakota started 8th grade this week! How did he get to be 13 years old??? He stood up for a 6th grade girl who was getting bullied on his bus. And trust me, one ...
I am on my week's vacation. I haven't had a whole week off since starting this job over two years ago. It's a stay-cation, staying at home. But is has been just what I needed. No schedule, wake when I...
My ride home from work is usually a frantic, anger filled journey. Driven mostly on a busy highway, I encounter people driving under the speed limit in the right lane and people driving light speed in...
Dear Mom,Last year on this date we were celebrating your birthday with you. A week later you left us. It's been a rough year and a really tough winter. We had alot of snow and super cold weather, so I...
It hit me last tuesday. The achy, fever feeling. It continued to get worse. My doc is about a half hour drive and I just couldn't do it. On Friday I finally went to a walk in clinic. I have to say alt...
My little Dakota turns 13 on February 26th! And he is not little, he is already taller than me and creeping up on his Dad! His school is having a winter formal dance at the end of this month. A girl h...
I have been in a rut of sorts for a while now. Just plodding along, going to work, doing nothing on the weekends. And somehow it is now August and I have not been to the beach once! We are only a half...
I just wanted to catch up with everyone, I am not very good at updating anymore. the universe has really been playing games with me. It started when we had to take out a personal loan because our bank...
Our daughter Tami got married on Saturday, I have been writing about it on facebook. Jeri asked me to please post the details here and pictures.Tami and Brooks have been together 7 years! She is 25 an...
Writing helps me to ease the pain. I got the call last evening. Mom was not doing well, it was time to go to her. My family and I gathered at her bedside and sat vigil. She was in pain and I wanted to...
I am beginning to think I might have that seasonal affective disorder. I was depressed all winter but just figured it was my normal depression getting out of hand. But lately I have been feeling much ...