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A writer, waiter, fat fighter, theatre and movie going happy positive Pollyanna who believes there is good in everyone--I speak my mind and say how I feel--I see this as an asset, some don't. I consider myself one of the happiest, richest and luckiest people in the world!

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I have never, that I know of, had Salvadoran food so when I saw a groupon for this restaurant I decided to give it a try.The servers were busy and without hesitation the busboy sat us, gave us menus, ...
Sam Elliot is one of those very rare actors who can make a bad role and/or movie better just because he is doing a role and he does it effortlessly! He is very seldom the star of a movie but whatever ...
Will I ever make a GOOD video??? I keep on trying!!  LOL...
Do you do all this BEFORE you eat your chocolate bar or do you just rip off the wrapper and gobble it down (like I do)??Years ago Terry got me to try it the 'right' way--lasted for one square of choco...
Apre-theatre dinner and an opening night
Donald Trump doesn't star in "Beatriz At Dinner" though in every way, except physically, John Lithgrow is him with the name Doug Strutt. Strutt is a billionaire owner of luxur...
Walking into the Broward Center for the Performing Arts I really didn’t have much knowledge of “Finding Neverland”. I had listened to a few of the songs, written by Ga...
  The last Broadway touring show of the 2016-2017 season, "Finding Neverland", the story about playwright J.M. Barrie and the family that inspried Peter Pan, opens this evening at the Browar...
If one is lucky as he goes through life he will be acknowledged thoughout his life for things he has done, accomplished or just recognized for being at the right place at the right time and I was a lu...
Like sequels, very seldom is a remake of a movie ever as good or, less seldom, ever better and "My Cousin Rachel" certainly isn't as good as the original which was made in 1954 and featured Richard Bu...
 I should have followed my instincts after reading  about Midici--my immediate reaction was that it was another Flash Fire Pizza and/or Pizza Fusion and basically that was what it was! ...
“Wakefield” is based on a short story by E. L. Doctorow in The New Yorker that would have been better as a one man play than it will appeal to a movie audience.It is a story told in one vo...
 My short video
While I was in the store food shopping I gave Allen my coupons--yes I am a coupon clipper and a groupon buyer so I can afford to eat out--and after he went through them he picked the one for 20% off a...
We had 2 days of winter and maybe 3 days of spring and now we are in the 90s already!