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A writer, waiter, fat fighter, theatre and movie going happy positive Pollyanna who believes there is good in everyone--I speak my mind and say how I feel--I see this as an asset, some don't. I consider myself one of the happiest, richest and luckiest people in the world!

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 Before we even entered the restaurant the negatives started. They have a very small valet parking lot which we preferred not using and parked in the large Fresh Market lot. Before we even got in...
I went to see “Personal Shopper” for one reason only and that was to catch up with the critics who have been raving about Kristen Stewart’s performances in her independent films. I believe I saw...
  Welcome to the new(er) Gateway!
  This Walt Disney combination of live and animated action has to be one of the most overproduced productions ever but no matter how thousands of napkins, dishes and gowns swirl around on th...
“The Last Word” is a movie for people who love/like Shirley MacLaine and I am one who does. It is also a movie for people who enjoyed her role as Ouiser in “Steel Magnolias” in...
Weather wise March 21, 2017, was a perfect day with sun, clear sky, around 80 degrees and as evening came with the sky still clear the stars and moon were visible with the temperatures in the mid to l...
Walk, run, drive, call a cab, uber, lyfte, go on the Internet ( or call (954-462-0222) and get tickets for “Something Rotten” playing at the Broward Center for Performing...
This evening at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale at 8 PM I expect to spend 2-3 hours having fun laughing, humming (to myself) and doing what one is suppose to do in life, ... 1 2  Be sure to see the last slide so you won’t hate me too much and did you spot t...
FROM RICARDO:To my family and friends, my new book is out and available to everyone. You can click on the ink below to purchase.I want to thank you all for your love and support in this project.Some o...
Like many English dramas “The Sense of an Ending” start off slow, takes it time getting to the pay-off while giving you time to get to the know the characters. Unfortunately there are too ...
In 1956 I bought a book of poems by Tennessee Williams called “In the Winter of Cities” and have had it with me now for 61 years. When I sold the over 500 books I had in my collection this...
Giuliano's restaurant joins about 50 other restaurants in a square mile ranging a smorgasbord of many tastes including seafood, steaks, Thai, burgers, Chinese, Mexican, etc., while also ranging in pri...
(Yes I've been through 3 of them--so far!)By now it is no secret that I was off the Internet for 8 days and most people know I HATE the phone. I had to come into the 21st century and get a cell p...
The only reason I can come up for “The Salesman” winning the best foreign film Oscar was the Academy members voting for it because the director, ASghar Farhadi refused to come to the USA i...