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A writer, waiter, fat fighter, theatre and movie going happy positive Pollyanna who believes there is good in everyone--I speak my mind and say how I feel--I see this as an asset, some don't. I consider myself one of the happiest, richest and luckiest people in the world!

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Steven Spielberg is such a fine director that he can make you sit on the edge of your seat for the answer to a question you already know. You lived through the exposure of the Pentagon Papers and the ... the Hibiscus bushes, Lemon and Avocado trees have been taken away along with the Frangipani trees with their beautiful different colors and ar...
Gene and I have been friends for 51 years and I think she has been involved with the Jane Austen Society longer than that. She is responsible for me READING Jane Austen books!...
Henry’s China HouseIt is hard competing with memories but that is what happened when I walked into Henry's, a restaurant I haven't been into for over 25 years and that wasn't at this location.Fo...
(Possible spoilers.)Watching “Molly’s Game” seems to be the same as listening to a ‘Talking Book’ with its almost wall to wall narration by Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloo...
Last week a low of 41 degrees and today a high of 81--who says we don't have 4 seasons in Florida?!?  ...
Imagine being an actor who is playing 8 different roles, each requiring a change of costume, mannerisms and even gender, while remembering which one who says what and where on stage they should be int...
Up to today I was all for Holly Hunter to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in “The Big Sick” but now, hands down, Allison Janney owns it for her mean mother of all mothe...
Cheddar's is a reliable restaurant with consistently good food at reasonable prices. I've been eating there since they opened every time I go out to Tamarac where Allen lives.Allen had the dinner port...
It did hit the 30s Friday morning!It will be 70 degrees today and back into the high 70s by Wednesday!...
This is a modern, elegant looking restaurant from the moment you enter with the hostess on the left greeting you and the bar on the right inviting you, by its look, to stop and have a drink.I have eat...
Superman can fly but can he tap dance, do flips and take your breath away at the same time? The supermen and superwomen of the 20th-anniversary tour of the Irish dance phenomenon called Riverdanc...
It is no secret that I love the theatre! There is a certain magic about it that I don't find in movies, on television and/or reading a book though I do find a different kind of magic in each. There is...
This is a hard review to write because though Gary Oldman might give ‘the performance of the year’ along with winning an Oscar for his role in “Darkest Hours”, the movie itself...
I saw 92 movies—in theatres—during 2017 and while most aren’t worth the time and money the few that are worth both make up for them. To me a ‘good’ mo...