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We are gibbing this page to Baby Princess Marmalade.

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Hobster was born to our Sesame("Sessie") here in our house on June 27, 2012. He is a good cat. He was diagnosed two months ago with significant kidney disease.We have been hydrating him frequently and...
Rinpoche and Hobster ...
RED TREE PEONY. 17" square. ...
One thing Mr. Trump has done is to REALLY unite Europe. The EU countries have finally seen the light that in the crunch they can't depend on a country's help if the leader of that country is in bed wi...
At a place called The CAVE in Ventura CA, May 17, a wine shop and restaurant. ...
This is his sisfur Kathy out in Ventura a week ago. ...
Kroger has a pie sale on PI DAY. $3.14 for a pie....
"Deconstruction", to use Bannon's term, means "Destruction."It's been introduced:House Bill 610 makes some large changes. This bill will effectively start the school voucher system to be used by child...
Rinpoche says bye-bye to our purty tree. He just loves Krismuss and the tree and the animal stuffies. ...
This wuz a cupple years ago when my daDDy he put our Sandy Klaws wind-up music statue in wif the stuffies and the homeboys came to see who wuz singing "Sandy Klaws is coming to town." ...
Werking in the stoodio he is on sum scenes frum Santa Fe NM. Is that wherez Santa lives? (This is an in-progress view. Painting is about 1/4 done.) My daddy sez the best way to endure while civilizati...
Can't make the photo or title change from Hobbes to Baby Princess Marmalade in Greasy. So, I spose Hobbie will have to stay "alive" here. ...