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Marcy Napgezek
Plover, WI
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First of all, I'm a Christian. I am a Mom & a Grandma. I'm retired. I still work sometimes, doing videos for our church & community & a music group. I was a nontraditional college student. I have a Bachelor of Science degree. I like to travel, play video games, and pet my two cats. I like to shop & go out to eat with friends & family. I guess I'm a pretty average American.

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Marcy Napgezek

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We are going to do some work in the kitchen again. We put tile on the floor, & now we want to put some ceramic tile on the walls below the cupboards.We are just remodeling enough to make our house...
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This is what our house looked like a couple of years ago. I will have to take some more pictures to show you what it looks like now. If you click on Photos, you will see the "before". When I take more...
I tried to post a picture of our house here. I don't know if it worked. I just wanted to describe the work we have done on our house, and what we are planning to do. ...
A lot has changed since I was on here last. Chris is living in WI now. Mary is living up here now. Our oldest grandson is 27. Our second oldest grandson is 25 I think, and has 3 kids. Jason is living ...
Well, here I am. I was going to write about all the trips I took, but I was too busy. I just got back from Houston,Texas, late this summer. The trips we have been going on lately have not been for vac...
ColoradoWe usually go on vacation about once a year. Like, I'm talking about our big vacation. We also go on mini vacations too. After all, we're retired. With all the volunteer stuff we do, we need a...