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I'm a 42 year old kid who likes to run, read, write, sing and spend time with people, any people. I speak fluent Spanish (and English) and undergo a total personality change when switching between the two languages. My wife is the love of my life and my best friend. Our daughters are the joy and pride of our lives.

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Wow! I just had a 40 minute conversation with some people who believe the following:Vaccines are NOT responsible for the eradication of the terrible infections that ravaged the nation before the mid 1...
I've been doing some studying on the subject of prolonged fasting. The findings are fascinating. I'll post a few links for you to explore at your leisure.I'm amazed at how many testimonials there are ...
Ok, folks. At Jeri's request and with an apologetic tone, I begin my first post in who knows how long.If a picture is worth a thousand words...This was taken during our last cruise in early 2016. I lo...
The forensics technicians weren't interested in my bullet, but I was. It was buried in the inner wall that used to be a garage door.The caliber is unknown to me, but it seems bigger than the 9mm bulle...
Jeri read me right. I am going to blog about my experience yesterday. OUR experience, yesterday.At about 2pm, I stepped out on my porch for a reason I since cannot remember. Suddenly, there was shouti...
I continue to receive updates from the Department of State regarding the security situation in Mexico after having lived there for six years.Recently, Jennifer and I were planning a trip to visit the ...
 A little something I thought of today:Take yourself too seriously and you'll be the only one left not laughing...  at yourself....
The library building of the University of Guadalajara's local branch where I occasionally audited an anthropology class in Ocotlan, Jalisco. Fascinating!A great little school in Western Oklahoma where...
So many new things! New Year, new baby, new job, new attitude.About the new year. I've always loved the New Year. Maybe it's just a mental thing, but I see it as a chance to start over OR at least imp...
I just had to share this with Marg!! ...
I went to lift something heavy. Very heavy. In fact, it took several hours and these pictures only capture the very end of the project. It was a good antidote to too much Mr. Mom.The tree in our front...
Jennifer sneaked around and got this one.Day 5 as Mr. MomAll the training I received as a bachelor is coming back to me in a mad rush. Who knows how long it has been since I mopped a floor. I cannot r...
 Nadia would like to meet new friends between 6pm and 8pm on Friday, the 28th. Text or call Pastor for address....
These are the amazing people who helped deliver Nadia Jolene.  7lbs 15oz 22in   ...