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You can view my art gallery of paintings. Some are for sale: I'm concerned about the here and the now much more than the promise of paradise. Preaching to me is like talking to stones. - a Boddhisatva ..... "Let the wise person do righteousness: A treasure that others can not share, which no thief can steal; a treasure which does not pass away." Khuddakapatha 8:9

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I-90 is closed NE of Cleveland in Lake County. 6-12 inches predicted tonight in the east of Cleveland snow belt. Squalls coming off Lake Erie. Some areas in the higher elevations could get as much as ...
PEONIES IN A WATER CAN. 20 x 16. Shipping to Ho Chi Minh City (a.k.a. Saigon). ...
FINGER CLOUDS20 x 16 acrylicIn progress....
SPARKY's back window. I am also working on a painting of this, but cropped different from the photo. ...
What a nice day! It was in the low seventies (F) all day with no humidity and white fluffy patch clouds. This hasn't occurred since June. This summer so far we have had 21 days of 90F or more. Last ye...
Beauregard nursing off "Baby" Princess Marmalade. She adopted the little critter soon as I got him. She has never had her own litter of kittens. ...
Beauregard attacking Quincy, who is teaching the kitten how to play....
Beauregard has been a homeboy, or 'homie,' for ten days now. He poops with the big cats, eats with them and loves to play with Sparky and his au pair, Quincy. ...
Day one, Friday. Just a dirty golden ball with tar specs, dirt and snot. Day two, Saturday. Our 'au pair,'Quincy, has taken charge. Day three, Sunday. He enjoys a towel on my lap and the constant buz...
TODAY'S RANT:PHILADELPHIA PASSES 1.5 cent tax per ounce tax on sugary and diet drinks.1. Ridiculous! Another example of 'political correctness' run amok.2. The way to effect change in diet is NOT to t...
A commissioned painting....