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Jason AndtheArgonauts
Jonesborough, TN
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I was a Redneck Hill-Billy Biker, and still the nicest Asshole you'll never meet... OK, maybe I need to explain that the whole "asshole" bit was tounge-in-cheek. But the other stuff is all true.

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I don’t know if y’all remember but I’m not much of a “Holiday”person. For one thing, being rather on the lower end of middle income USA, Ithink too much emphasis is place...
I’ve got about 20 minutes to post something. That’s about all the time I’ve had at home with a computeron my lap. The problem I have is I resent having to be in this state. Iam not ...
Info:OK. Back in July, I and my family were in Michigan for my daughter's birthday and we began seriously considering moving back to Michigan.When we got to back to Tennessee, the first night back to ...
At the last post I was telling Company A to basicly "poop or get off the pot" and they got off the pot. Friday I had another interview and before I left on that interview I called Company B (the one 7...
Ok, not really sure what to do here. Last Friday had an interview with Company A. There were some issues because I told them I definitely needed to be on dayshift, and they said they couldn't do that....
I forgot to tell y'all that "I'm Alive... So Far." at the end of my last post. I forgot that was my so-called tag-line... Well it's been a while hasn't it?I honestly don't know where to begin with the...
Well. I don't know who is still here. So much has changed. My life. My family. I didn't even have a child, let alone a three year old when I last posted something here. Her name is Cassaundra, Cassie ...
Tonight was our second childbirth class. All i can say is i probably will be a wreck until she gets her epidural! All my life i have managed to avoid seeing the film of an actual birth. Well tonight c...
Once again I'm at work killing time. This week begins a fourteen day marathon that could very well be extended for another week or even more. I'm feeling pretty good right now except for the fact I've...
Last week I finally got fed up with my sinus and allergy issues and went to my doctor for some advise and maybe some medication. You see for the last two or three months I have been fighting my allerg...
This afternoon my wife admitted to me that she had a bit of a panic attack while at the grocery store today. She heard a child start whining and crying about something. She said that all she could thi...
My life seems to be moving faster and faster every day. It hardly seems that it's the month of April already and in my head I'm still stuck back in February. So many things are changing and rushing to...
First I want to apologize for the delay. I'm currently working third shift and it just doesn't seem to agree with me. Once I'm at work I have no problem keeping awake and busy. Just once I leave work ...
I had managed to get out of the Netherlands for one weekend and I ended up down in Germany, with some folks I work with at the plant. They had rented a "cabin" at a golf resort for a week and invited ...
At the end of my last post M and I were sitting down to breakfast in the town square of Harlaam. This was a Monday and a national holiday in the Netherlands. Since the plant was closed we extended our...