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Merry xmas and a happy prosperous new year to you and yours... it worksfamous Aussie narration ----there are a lot of better versions...
Admitted to hospital on the 28th November with breathing problems .Wondered why they were taking the time --no oxygen given ---, was being treated for heart palpitations instead , okay --but fella's I...
At long last am just about clear of steroid presnisolone, what an experience its been , my immune system was just about knackered, hospital many times , wrapped up like a mummy because wounds would no...
Great friends are those you meet regularly and have a conversation with, flash a photo of your family too.Some you meet at work in the lunch room or work along side. At social gatherings where whole f...
Sitting in the surgery waiting for doctor this afternoon with Kym ,she mentioned her mother, I remarked how she had put up with me for 40 years I'll never know.Kym came up with this memoryShe was marr...
The mongrel got me at 5am today --Gastro --not funny --saw the doctor and was told what to eat , eased this evening thank goodness . my JOEY pouch certainly got a workout changed 4times.Back to doctor...
temp here today 39c -41 tomorrow still 40 till Friday then cool change 35.Fires in 3 states one out of control in Victoria where residents have been told to leave immediatelyWestern Australia still bu...
G'day all long time since i blogged , been flat out like a lizard drinking the past six months lots and lots on my plate with doctors and hospital appointments over the eye that i was not supposed to ...
thought i was slow getting back to you but bloomin heck not many come in to answermy lates here is all good , final test today about be aneamic --never heard of this particular one, you swallow a pill...
--------------------------AT MY SHACK OUT THE BACK.WOW ! The kids all thought I had lost me marbles with this one, invited my immediate family out to dinner and me paying the bill, bloody hell wonders...
Had a great day with Cath, lunch at 12 noon movie at 12.45, we certainly chewed he cud and had a good laugh about things and the way it happened , both agreed to stay as is , she is quite content wher...
Today was wash and clean and cook day , I am determined to keep active, fair enough I had a chair in close proximity but it got done that's the main thing .Thawed out 1.5 kg piece of corned beef , how...
May you all have a happy July 4th IN ME SHACK AT THE BACKRuemology . Finished up being an adventure on its own ,not only getting to the RAH but the information I received from doctor answered all my w...
its late here and am off to bed so will read your blogs tomorrow. PLEASE EXCUSE MEAnother good day over only one problem getting to Adelaide hospital for Ruemology clinic tomorrow at 10.45am , probabl...