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About Me

I'm a blue point Himalayan cat. I like riding in a bicycle basket, rabbit flavored food, and sniffing things.

Recent Posts

This will be the year of the bunny, says Chinese astrology. A bunny is sometimes called a rabbit, which is something I like eating almost as much as duck. My predecessor (a wuss) liked salmon. As I am...
Kewpster has asked me, the new cat named Kewpster2, to continue her blog. She is so enjoying resting under the redbud planted above her grave, and coaxing hyacinths and daffodils to bloom, she prefers...
I am a cat who died a year ago. Mom just spruced up my grave site, and the first snow of the season is falling softly. I love snow, so I arose to say Hello. I checked blogster (love the name) and it a...
I died today. I was 18 years and 5 months old. I wanted to die a few times in the past several months, but Mom and boyfrenn kept reviving me with hugs, kisses, and tuna juice (when i simply would not ...
How did Greasy get it's NAME? When you are logged in, on your home page, can you get that large "comments" section, right in the middle of your page, to DISAPPEAR? ...
Mum says I am the sweetest cat ever. The cricket that walked by disagreed. He was a big striper, legs so long he could hop up onto the kitchen counter. These bigguns can also hop into the terlit, but ...
Yesterday everything was coming up sixes. The sole empty data tape pulled at work was number 66. The only new workorder in the system was number 66666. The computer was assigned an IP address with thr...
This morning while mom is getting ready for work, she hears a commotion in the living room. I am in my window seat, licking traces of breakfast off my arm, when a tree rat jumps onto the window ledge,...
I have a lot of clumped hair in my rear half, and mom bathed me in hopes of dissolving the clumps. No dice, they are too hairy to dissolve. She went at them with scissors but I was skittish because I ...
How do I change my home town? I do not live in Derwood. I did happen to be there when I signed up. ...
Catdancer made me do it. Switch over from blogster. Do you feel something tickly on your ankle? Is it a peacock feather or me furry tail? Greasy things disagree with my constitution, so I was hesitant...