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"To the world you may be just one person, but to one life you may be the world"

"I am only one, but I am still one; I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do." Edward Everett Hale

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Long time no write... I can't even imagine what I used to write about all the time. I suppose dating and such? haAnyways, life is busy thanks to the kiddos. Sawyer (3yo) doesn't eat solid foods still ...
My parents are staunch republicans who are all for Trump and what he stands for. It sickens me, but I am truly trying to understand their viewpoint. Alas I don't agree with any of it. This is no longe...
My Kraymer my Kraymer my Kraymer...13 years young, like 85 in people years.I don't by any means want him to suffer. He isn't eating, not taking his pills via any method I've tried (pill pockets were t...
This morning in the shower I was thinking about how much things have changed in my life in the past 6 years. I am SO very lucky to have found & married Ron. He's an amazing man who is extremely calm a...
200% anxious. This morning Tucker bit Skylar on the lip, the wound bled so badly I made Ron return home from work and we took her to urgent care once he got home. I had called urgent care and was assu...
So as I think I mentioned before, my parents decided to sell the lake house that we had in the family for 33 years. My parents are very happy about this sale while us kids are still quite sad over it....
What do you do when you are dying inside? Write a blog post of course.These 2 Kiddos are crazy. Sawyer loves to knock over the full sized vacuum, get into the dogs water and do push ups on Kraymer. Co...
Seems far out there, right? I used to think so as well. In January I joined a Vegan Mentor group, and we met for 6 weeks to discuss things all related to animal welfare and plant based diets. I joined...
Miss Skylar has had a temp since yesterday morning, she woke up SO warm! She had shots the day before so we blamed that. She also power puked which was a good time, she got her brother and myself in t...
Well of course things have been busy here... The kids are growing and we are all aging.. my Kraymer has been on my mind of late though, he is limping pretty badly and is on a million pills it seems (c...
Just need to vent....I just told a friend of mine that I haven't left the house in over a week and I'm starting to lose my marbles... I feel tethered to my newborn via my breast. Tmi? Sorry. We don't ...
So two additions are coming right along around these parts. The boy, who will be joining us a week from Monday via scheduled C-section, and the house addition, which while I had hoped it would be DONE...
I am writing this on my phone since I'm in bed so it will be short, but after 32 years, my parents have decided to sell their lake house. I do not blame them in the least, they currently have 3 homes ...
Just a little rant, don't mind me! I have never been this large in my life. I think I will need to lose about 70 pounds by the time this is over. EEK! I gained 50 with Skylar (I earned every pound but...
I was just reading an email about Repub's filibustering the bill to counteract the Hobby Lobby disaster. I am not surprised by this, I mean it's annoying, but it's expected. I am starting to believe o...