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My name's Matt. I'll be attending UW-Milwaukee in the Fall. I hate intolerance, stupidity, and ignorance. I love beauty, nature, peace, open-mindedness, and pistachios.

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Hey everyone. I've decided to delete this blog. I'm finding it harder and harder to keep up with posting new articles and reading people's blogs. I know that once school starts up my schedule will be ...
Last night I was driving home from work, and as I approached some traffic lights, they turned amber. As I was going 40mph, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to slow down in time, so I decided to ret...
I went to visit my Buscia (grandmother) yesterday. Even though her house is about 25 minutes away from home, it’s been weeks since I’ve seen her, plus I didn’t have any plans. I told her the pre...
So, I have still not been able to get better. I still have bronchitis and strep. I'm feeling a little better and am able to eat some solid food again. I have been to the doctor's several times. The do...
I very rarely buy movies - I’ll watch them once and forget about them for months. But I’ve been trying to get over Across the Universe for about six weeks now. I don’t know what it is - and I wo...
She got spayed yesterday. I just wish it cost a wee bit less to get her operated on. In case any of you out there need to get your pet neutered/spayed, you should go to Link to Site and get a neuterin...
I have no idea why I went into work last night. I called in sick the past three nights and went to the Doctor who told me to have 48 hours of "vocal rest" because I have a pretty good case of strep t...
“I’ve decided to take that final step,” Ryan said on the phone. “I’m officially going vegan.”“Good for you,” I said, happy for his decision. “So, that means no dairy, eggs or anythin...
Early this summer, I passed many big purple “Grand Champion of Summer” ribbons on billboards along I-94. These ads were a constant reminder of the approaching Wisconsin State Fair that rouses the ...
So I found out a while ago that my parents are selling the house I grew up in. Even though I'll be leaving for college and moving into off-campus housing, there's still a major sting that comes with k...
OK, I’ve been excited about Batman, The Dark Knight since hearing it was going to be made. Well, last night me and two of my friends managed to get tickets to the midnight showing and HOLY awesome ...
Today, while shopping at the mall, my friend and I briefly stopped by at the official Nokia store that opened fairly recently.After realising that the shop sold nothing but mobile phones, we headed fo...
Well, where to start... I've wanted a tattoo since I was 6 years old. It was this silly like, flaming eagle tattoo (temporary of course) and I thought it was the COOLEST thing I've ever seen, so i ask...
Usually on Tuesday’s I help Mom do laundry.I was helping her fold bath towels when she pulled my iPhone out, “What!? You bought the new phone!?”, said my mom.“No!? … Well not yet anyways”,...
Juneau, Alaska:My parents took a half day excursion in Juneau to see bears:Bear Search bus...