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Today, I came home from work late (2:30am). As I snuck carefully into bed and laid down next to my sleeping future wife, my fiancee half awake said "No, no... Dan will be home soon." I am Dan...
I am so exhausted. I have been shopping all day. Yes, shopping and it was wonderful to spend money on others I care for. I am weird about Christmas because sometimes there are people I really care abo...
"Who'sNailin' Paylin?"  Need I say more?  Check it out! BTW, for whiners: All the politicos have had this happento them not limited to Hillary and Bill, I mean How could they ...
 glitter-graphics.com   Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian Friends!  ...
Since the internet became so widely used you would think that the phone sex business would have met a decline but that is not true.People assume that all a phone sex professional does is moan into the...
So when I was doing my link referral thinger where I trade visitsto sites I found this web site,  I HATEYOU JULIA, I have since wondered if this was sweet revenge or simply ahorrible thing to do ...
I wanted to share the pet food recall that is happening right now.  Usually I do not even bother but this is a HUGE far reaching recall of food and includes some brands I have used and that are v...
 I wanted to say that most of my banners come form other sources the biggest being Deviant Art.  I say this on my website but thought it would be a good idea to say this here as well.  ...
So here is my short but sweet commentary:What did he think was going to happen when he lubed up hishiney and got on his hands and knees in front of a woman with a strap on?(yeah he got greasy hehehehe...
 The Complete 284 Banners for Greasy headers are available athttp://www.mmmhollywould.com/graphics/   ...
Screw the Roses, Send Methe Thorns is a book a bout bdsm and it explains it from the bottom up and issupposed to be one of the better ones available for those who want to learnabout it no matter what ...