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Home & Garden > Removing Garage Door Window Inserts

Removing Garage Door Window Inserts

plays a role in adding appeal to your garage, however, if you have recently updated the exterior of your home, these garage door window inserts may no longer compliment the look of your home.

In this case, you have two options :

1. You can remove the current garage door window inserts and replace them with different window inserts
2. You can remove the garage door window inserts and replace them with plain normal plain glass

are different - this depending on whether your garage door has insulation or not. For example; garage doors with insulation uses a thick frame, while garage doors with no insulation requires a thin frame.

So, how do we remove garage door window inserts?

Removing garage door window inserts from doors with no insulation :

1. Ask a buddy to go to the external of the garage door and hold the frame to the door while you disconnect the frame from the inside.

2. Use a flat screwdriver between the bottom right corner and the bottom right retainer to lift the retainer away from the window frame.

3. Once you have succesfully removed the bottom retainer, you can now remove the side retainers by using the same method as mentioned above.

4. Now, use some masking tape and place a strip 2 inches above and 3 inches below the frame top. The masking tape will help in preventing the glass from accidentally slipping out of place and breaking.

5. Take your screwdriver again and place it under the top of the upper retainer to pull the retainer off the window frame. This will enable you to push the frame out of the garage door towards your buddy.

6. You can now remove the garage door window inserts - replace - remove - and place back.

7. Once done, ask your buddy to push the frame back into the door while you guide. Push the top retainer back over the ridges as far as you can before taking a rubber mallet to finish the job off. The rubber mallet will help you in 'locking' the retainers over the glass.

Removing garage door window inserts from doors with insulation :

These garage door window inserts as mentioned above, are garage doors with screw type frames.

1. Use the same method as you would use in removing garage door widow inserts from doors with no insulation, however, try and use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws that secures the inside retainers to the frame.

2. Ask a buddy to help you by holding the frame from the outside while you remove the inside retainers.

3. Now, remove the glass from the frame and then remove the garage door window inserts before placing the glass back into the frame - completing your job successfully.

posted on May 31, 2010 2:49 AM ()

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