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I am a wife to one special man (DH), mother of one son (DS), two daughters (DD#1 and DD#2)and one kitty (a girl-Angel Who Isn't), grandmother of six grandsons and two granddaughters (refered to by age). I am a lover of all things cat. Knitting and spinning take up about 75% of my thoughts and actions during the day. If I didn’t have DH and Angel it would probably be more like 99%.

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OH NO! An ornament fell off the tree! A big, fat, furry one. ...
The owner called today. Apparently she did not get my e-mail as they had just found one of my on line reviews. She was adamant about having followed our medication instructions to the letter and insis...
Mom Passed away on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at the age of 91. She will be greatly missed by her three daughters, Lynda, Marg and Kim. She leaves behind four grandchildren and eight great grandchildr...
I think I may have mentioned this before but I have trouble recognizing faces. Today I discovered it has a name, prosopagnosia aka face blindness. I found a bonafide test: http://www.troublewithfaces....
We went on vacation for 26 days and left our Angel at Cozy Cats Cottage in Comox. We had never used this kennel before; couldn't find any reviews but it was on the way to the airport so we booked her ... I were walking down the street and seven pit bulls were approaching, I'...
WEST COAST BABY BED PROJECTWhat are these Baby Beds? Baby Beds are new parent starter kits that contain quality infant products as well as important information about continuing care and support progr...
Today was a fantastic day at the Craft Market. I chatted with four people I knew. That's four more than usual. I made enough money to keep me in yarn for another year or two. One family of three, moth...
More from my never ending photo album: Boot Socks (custom order) Vacation Tote Baba's Slippers (new pattern for my Etsy Shop) 13 Felted Spinning Wheel Bags I labelled them "Thing Bags" for the Craft M...
Brown Tweed Fingerless Mitts Lacy Ribbed Tunic (Very poorly designed vintage pattern.) Kid Socks Baby Socks Fingerless Mitts Blue Baby Socks Teal Aran Pullover Lacy Ribbed Tunic (I revamped the patte...
Thought I'd show you what I've been working on lately so I checked back to the last knitted item I posted and I had to go all the way back to mid January. So, be prepared for a lot of pics.The first t...
I was leaving the Walmart parking lot when a car, on my right, backed out of it's parking space in front of me. I stopped and waited as I knew the driver couldn't see me over the van parked beside her...
Angel is going to turn 16 next month so we thought we should take her in for a check up. She was also in need of her usual shots and we wanted to talk to the vet about getting her on some pain medicat...
Clipped from the local rag for posterity. However, great advertising for the Craft Market. ...
Every Sunday I go to the local craft market to sell my wares. Last Sunday was so blustery cold I was wishing I could dip into my stock for a toque, gloves and a warm pair of socks. I take my spinning ...