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I am a wife to one special man (DH), mother of one son (DS), two daughters (DD#1 and DD#2)and one kitty (a girl-Angel Who Isn't), grandmother of six grandsons and two granddaughters (refered to by age). I am a lover of all things cat. Knitting and spinning take up about 75% of my thoughts and actions during the day. If I didn’t have DH and Angel it would probably be more like 99%.

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Kore Cardi This sweater has an odd shape to the bottom of it. You'll just have to take my word for it but it looks SOOO much better on me than it does on the hanger. Indian Feathers This beaded scarf...
I didn't like the one we felt years ago and I didn't like the one we had today.4.8 magnitude earthquakeToday 12 minutes ago at 06:02January 07, 2015 UTCLocation:Epicenter at 49.197, -125.73267.2 km fr...
This past Christmas was nice. No hustle. No bustle. We opened presents, had breakfast, played with our new toys and cooked The turkey dinner (which was delicious). The aftermath.Don gave me an interes...
I'm done. DH wrapped ALL the presents except his own and I wrapped them this afternoon. The tree is up and decorated. The turkey is waiting to be picked up, by DH, on the 24th. All goodies have been b...
Last Monday DH had to go to Richmond for work and I went with him. The ferry from Nanaimo was only 25% full so instead of wandering around the ship looking for two empty seats together we wandered aro...
So, I told you about getting a new computer last month but did I tell you it took Staples a week to transfer everything from the old computer to the new one. I got to play with my new toy for a whole ...
Chesterman Beach Cowl #1 Chesterman Beach Cowl #1 Chesterman Beach Cowl #2 Chesterman Beach Cowl #3Every day it gets a little bit easier to find my way around this computer....
Just a few things I finished while waiting for a computer I could put pictures on.Turns out I can't show you Chesterman Beach Cowls 1, 2 or 3 as they are somewhere else on my new computer aka I can't ...
Downloaded, cropped and resized. Am I good or what? Hoot Boot Toppers...
I'm looking for suggestions for a free picture program that will allow me to crop and shrink my photos down to 1200 X 1200 px so I can post them to my blog. Thanks. ...
Can't live with them. Can't live without them.I got my computer back from Staples. They were supposed to transfer everything over from the old desktop but I couldn't find any photos, documents or cont...
DH and I went to Staples yesterday and one of us picked out a new laptop. DH told me they used Toshibas at his office so we found two that were on sale. I was leaning towards the cheaper laptop becaus...
Earlier this year I ordered a set of Caspian interchangeable needles. The size 4.5 mm needles had an annoying problem. The wooden needles were rather loose in their metal bases. The more I used them t...
It turns out the damage isn't as bad as I expected. (I always expect the worst. That way, I'm never disappointment and sometimes I get a happy surprise.) There is minimal mould. We've had a fan blowin...
The good news: We don't need a new dishwasher. The old one is working just fine. Turns out it wasn't leaking after all.The bad news: It's the plumbing that's leaking. It has probably been leaking for ...