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Port Alberni, BC
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I am a wife to one special man (DH), mother of one son (DS), two daughters (DD#1 and DD#2)and one kitty (a girl-Angel Who Isn't), grandmother of six grandsons and two granddaughters (refered to by age). I am a lover of all things cat. Knitting and spinning take up about 75% of my thoughts and actions during the day. If I didn’t have DH and Angel it would probably be more like 99%.

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I have a pattern that I purchased some time ago and had forgotten all about. I rediscovered it while looking though my computer knitting files. This is it: As you can see, it takes a LOT of yarn with ...
I was woken this morning at the ungodly hour of 8:30 to the rat-a-tat-tat of a mini jack hammer. The woodpecker was relentlessly trying to dig bugs out of my aluminum flashing near the roof. He eventu...
Not much happening around here, which means I have lots of spare time to knit. I finally made something for me. It took over a month and consists of a little bit of ribbing, some garter stitch and a w...
I did very well with my sales over December but it meant I had to contend with an ignorant, computer illiterate and a neurotic. The first lady ordered one of my patterns. All of my patterns are PDF, a...
A prisoner in my own home. That's how I feel. I am house bound for the next four days. Don had to leave for Vancouver this morning but his truck wouldn't start so he took my car instead. Now I'll need...
Don is worse than I am when it comes to Halloween candy. Last year we had 24 costumed kiddies at the door and this year hubby buys two, yes, TWO 90 piece boxes of mini candy bars. We hand out two bars...
My newest design, Feathered Lace Christening Gown, is finally up for sale in my Etsy shop. It took me a few months to make this one and I did run into a few problems. So, I would take a little break a...
The bathroom, that is.Remember this horror? Now it looks like this and this. After waiting 33 years, I finally have the bathroom I deserve....
It's not finished yet. I'm still showering in the coffin. However, the end is in sight. Drywaller came; fixed the damaged wall and filled in all the screw holes. The plumber did this. The tiler did th...
I have finally finished my newest design. It's another Christening Gown because they sell well...very well. We shall see how much people like this one. I'll be putting this prototype and the pattern f...
HOLY COW! After seeing no action on the bathroom renovations for a while now, tomorrow the drywaller AND the electrician are coming. Finally, some action. We also need a tiler but the soonest we can g...
I woke up this morning to discover we have been transported to The Twilight Zone. Everything has been washed in a yellow dye and, although we have daylight, the sun is gone. I doubt this is any health...
Nursekim is the artist in the family. This is my birthday present from her. Remember my little African Violet that I was so excited to see a blooming flower on? Well, Just look at it now. The house ac...
The upstairs bathroom is about to be renovated. The house was built in the mid 1960's which makes it about 50 years old. Judging from the horror that was revealed when Don took down the big mirror ove...
Another Old Shale Shawl. They sell like hotcakes. My Noro socks. Baby Noro socks made from the leftovers. My recent hand spun yarn. My latest hand spun yarn.My 1st pair of walking shoes socks aka foot...