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Dumb Decisions

So all of you hyper-liberal Super Democrats, ask yourselves this question....

What if George Bush's speech writer... no... what if ANY prominent Republican's speech writer was caught on film at a keg party, drunk, coppin' a feel on a cardboard cutout of Hilary Clinton? Along with his drunk friend who is holding a bottle of beer up to her lips?

Upset? Outraged? Angry at the lack of respect being shown?

OK, take a look at this then:

I'm sure that most of you have seen this or heard about this, but THAT... is BARACK OBAMA'S speech writer. Coppin' a feel, drunk and happy.

Still outraged? Still upset? Still angry at the lack of respect?

Yeah, didn't think so.

I did not put this up here to indicate that I am angry with this man for getting hammered. Personally, I find the picture hilarious. He's 27, said to be an incredible wordsmith, and an absolutely brilliant speechwriter. As evidenced by the 'Yes We Can' speech (which, no shit, actually had my mother CRYING). I put this up here to illustrate the vast difference in the acceptance of actions that Democrats have.

I am talking about ALL Democrats. That may be too general for some people, but I know enough Democrats that I can say with a large measure of certainty that any who would be offended if a Republican groped a cardboard Senator would be accepting of a Democrat doing the same thing. The intense double-standard that is prevelant is probably the biggest problem I have with the left. "It's OK for us, but not for them."

Drives me nuts.

I think that everyone starts out more liberal. Everyone starts out as Democrats. It takes something extra, some small push to convince them to be Republican. No one likes war, no one likes killing. It's the Democrat who is outraged by it, and the Republican who says to himself, "I don't like fighting much, but if we're going to get into one, let's make sure we win." No one likes greed, no one likes to be considered a greedy person. It's the Democrat who is outraged that people who work hard and make a lot of money actually like to KEEP it, and it's the Republican who wants to enjoy the fruits of their own labor.

Negative traits that are associated with Republicans like war-mongering and money-grubbing are ridiculous oversimplifications. But the generic outrage that Democrats display over the idea that Republicans are actually Republicans ASTOUNDS me. I make a lot of money, and I give to causes that I believe in. Medical research being most prominent. But one of those causes I believe in is the "Chris works hard and deserves to go out to dinner once in a while," fund. And I don't give a crap about the spotted owl.

I believe that we have managed to prove something disturbing with the election of Obama. Something that was always talked about, always suspected, and we likely all knew. And that is that the best strategy to get elected has nothing to do with your platform, your ideas, your intentions, or your ability for follow through with your promises. The best strategy is to be able to sway or direct the totally uninformed people in our country. Please take a few moments and watch this:

I showed this video to my overly liberal fiance. The point she brought up is that the average Republican also would have difficulty answering similar questions about their candidate. I don't think this is true. Most of my friends back in Michigan are Republicans, and all of them know who Harry Reid is.

Logically, there are more stupid people in this country than there are smart people. So the 'stupid' demographic is one that has to be taken into account. And I am starting to come around to the idea that our election process needs to be looked at.

We always call the President to most powerful man in the world. He's the one making the decisions. Well, who is more powerful? The man making the decisions, or the people in charge of DECIDING WHO will make the decisions?

I've heard people say that they want the smartest guy in the world calling the shots. They want the guy with 2 PhD's who can bend spoons with his mind and crush bricks with his thoughts in the white house. I don't disagree. But the majority of people who are choosing who to put in the oval office have single digit IQ's and move their lips when the read. (And as you can see if you watched the video, that level of idiocy is not confined to 3rd generation inbred rednecks. Even the most stauch liberal can be stupid.)

We have managed to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt this time around, that the best and most effective way to get elected is to manipulate the masses. Maybe that's how it should be, because dumber people represnt a majority of the country, so we should make dumb decisions that reflect how most of the country thinks.

And THAT... is what scares me the most.

posted on Dec 29, 2008 10:21 AM ()


I am a Democrat, and, believe it or not, I AM upset with the speech writer pictured above. And I would be EQUALLY upset if the guy was Republican speech writer! I mean, come on! Talk about poor taste! I think he can do MUCH BETTER than Hilbilary Clinton, for God's sake!
comment by hayduke on Jan 9, 2009 12:57 PM ()
Wanting to do nice things for other people for no reason doesn't make me an overly liberal hippie. It just means I'm NICE. Or maybe it makes me incredibly selfish because I feel so good when I do nice things for other people when I don't have to. (Which--if I'm being selfish, wouldn't it make me Republican? Yeah--I can generalize, too, to back up my unfounded statements.) You can be a nice person with out it implying your political persuasion. So, there.
comment by largemarge on Dec 30, 2008 7:26 AM ()
There are an equal number of uninformed people on both sides, Chris. And for you to claim that one side has more than the other shows your own lack of objectivity. You accuse Democrats of being outraged at Republicans simply for being Republicans, when it looks like you are becoming outraged at Democrats for being "Dem." In your brain you have lumped all Democrats into this fish-with-spotted-asses-saving group of self-righteous fart smellers, and that's no more true than your own assumption that ALL Democrats think that ALL Republicans are evil money grubbing self-preservationists that don't give a crap about anyone but themselves and keep their youthful glow by moisturizing with Mexican baby tears. Take a step back and look at the three fingers pointing back at you.

And don't refer to me as "overly liberal." I know that in your mind what that translates to is "self-righteous dumbass." Don't lump me in with your inaccurate and biased take on what it means to be liberal or Democrat. I'm uninformed, and I know it, and I tell you. I can never hold my own with you in a political discussion, nor do I have any delusions that I will ever be able to. (I guess I'm not OUTRAGED enough to care and therefore educate myself.) Also, during this past election, I never adopted the platform of My Obama, Right or Wrong--and you seemed to come at me with the assumption that I did.

You most always have valid, reasonable points when you talk about his, but you lose ground when you generalize. You've been able to get me to see things differently and to check my own prejudices when it comes to politics. You did it logically and rationally without name calling. If you'd come at me a few years ago sounding like this--I'd have just thought you were cranky because your shipment of Baby-Tear cream was late.
comment by largemarge on Dec 29, 2008 9:01 PM ()
if people can't go out and have a laugh , then the worlds a sad place. Where's the harm?
comment by tracy on Dec 29, 2008 11:25 AM ()
I can't buy your implication that the average Republican is not as stupid as the average Democrat. I'll bet your Republican friends back in Mich. are above average, since you are. I also don't recall in the video that the "Obama supporters" were IDd as either Dem. or Repub, and you cannot presume that they are Dem. just b/c they voted for Obama. But I agree that the majority of the country's voters are dumb, simply because that's the level to which our educational system has regressed...
comment by looserobes on Dec 29, 2008 11:02 AM ()

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