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News & Issues > What Can We Do to Help Our Country?

What Can We Do to Help Our Country?

What Can We Do As Citizens To Help Our Country?

Our country is in serious trouble right now. Everyone wants to point a finger at who is to blame.

Can we just forget about pointing fingers and talk about what we can do to fix our country?

First and foremost, we have to stop hating one another's political ideology. We have to say to ourselves that we are Americans first and political creatures secondly.

We ALL need to quit watching cable news channels and start reading and studying the issues more...that does NOT mean reading liberal or conservative posts; it means reading the least biased material we can find--at the library, on the internet, etc.

We need to study history. If we know anything, we know that history repeats itself. We need to read about the political agendas of every President in American history but especially those since the Civil War. It's right at our fingertips on our keyboard.

Everyone of us has some idea what we think brought us to this point. All of us need to make a list of things that we think contributed to this poor state of America. Then, we need to learn all we can about each of those. We may find our list will morph as we go.

Here's an example of what I mean. For many years, the United States was an isolationist country in terms of business and industry. How did past Presidents and Congress keep foreign goods that competing companies could ship here for less than an American company could make them from ruining the market? I know the answer. Do you?

I don't want to influence anyone's opinion by what I think the problems are or the solutions; but we need to forget about such things as the stimulus bill, etc. Those are things that have been done to try to fix the problem. Whether they have worked or failed is not the issue.

The issue is that we MUST identify what past administrations, both Democratic and Republican, did that have brought us to this point of high unemployment, two disastrous wars, loss of businesses overseas, rampant "Ponzi-like "schemes by investment bankers, gigantic commercial banks, rampaging medical costs, a huge deficit that is destroying the dollar, and that's just a partial list. I know we each have others we can add to it.

Next, we need to learn everything we can about that problem. As we learn, we will begin to see solutions to it. Finally, we need not to be afraid to contact the Congress and the President with what we think the problems are and what we think the solutions are.

If it seems too daunting to some to study all the issues, then pick one or two and concentrate on those.

Forget that we have a Democratic President if you are an Independent or a Republican. Save that attitude for the voting booth. Let's work with who is in office and quit squabbling.

Can we do that for our posterity? I know I can and will. I hope you will also

posted on Jan 25, 2010 8:43 PM ()

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