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Retired June 1st 2009. Wife Pat and trusty companion Jester will be ready to have more fun and travel.

One of my baby pictures, Cambodia 1970.

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Jon is going through a rough time, I have created a Chip In page where all donations will go directly to his PayPal account. Click the link and you will learn more.
I ...
I sit here, past my prime.No longer needed, no longer wanted.I am neglected, and even avoided.No longer useful. It wasn't always like that.Back in 1968 I was young,I was strong, I moved with grace, an...
OKAY, before I post that picture I promised, you need some background about the year it was taken. The year was 1967 and here are some of the big events of the year,,,,,,January 14The Human Be-In take...
I was August 17th 1968, hot, and windy. That was also the day that Pat and I were married. Here is a picture from that day, and yes, they did have cameras back then!!Pat hates the joke I tell, when so...
 Dire Sraits - Brothers in Arms .mp3 Found at bee mp3 search engineI have always been fascinated with the thought of time travel.If there was such a thing, this would be my mode of time travel.So my ...
If you have not seen Big Fish, it is a great movie....
At least you didn't have this guy for a photographer Kris!...
As many of you know, and some of you may not know, I spend lots of time on Google Earth. Not only finding spots in the states, but places I have been in Vietnam as well.The larger old military bases i...