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Jobs & Careers > Changes, Changes ... . Maybe ...

Changes, Changes ... . Maybe ...

As many of you may remember from previous blogs I am in the process of making a career change to a full time educator. I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into a fellowship where I can teach urban kids elementary school. The process leading up to the "Summer Institute" has been intense, including taking tests in math, reading, writing, and general knowledge. This program is highly competitive and 1 out of every 10 people who apply are accepted. The acceptance came in early February and I had only two weeks to decide if I wanted to do this. By going through the program, I would have to not have an income for two months, which is frightening.

At the same time, I have been moonlighting at the local community college as an instructor. This started in mid January, during the application process of the fellowship. About mid February, prior to accepting the position with the fellowship, I had the opportunity to apply to three different campuses. One of these campuses selected me as one of their three candidates for a full time instructor. The interview went very well, and I am extremely excited to learn the outcome.

The journey to change is never easy, and this change for me is no exception. At this point, I believe I have come to the conclusion that regardless of the outcome of the interview at the local community college campus, that I cannot explore a career in elementary education. This means that there is a potential that I would stay at my current gig for a longer period of time and I would not be getting out of the often times ridiculous work situation that I am currently in, unless I explore a new opportunity within my field.

I won't know about the community college gig for potentially another two to three weeks. At the end of the day, I have to do what is best for me and I know that teaching at the college level would be best.

Toodloo for now! SB

posted on May 25, 2011 5:59 PM ()


Good Luck! I know you deserve it. That and all the happiness you can get.
comment by sexysadie on June 1, 2011 9:55 PM ()
Even though you have probably decided not to do the elementary education fellowship, it must have felt good to get to the point where you could have accepted it if you wanted to.
comment by troutbend on May 27, 2011 1:35 PM ()
Whoah! What? No to the elementary thinger???? Whatever makes you happy... but I Am surprised to hear this!
comment by kristilyn3 on May 25, 2011 6:14 PM ()
You and my mom! HA! Been talking alot about this with Fungi, and after careful consideration can't do it! Wish I would have figured this out before the TESTS, and such! But Such is life! u!
reply by spicybitch on May 26, 2011 7:10 AM ()

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