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Life & Events > What Do I Want to Do for a Living?

What Do I Want to Do for a Living?

I have an extreme amount of respect for those who woke up one day and had the confidence and determination to know what they wanted to do. I don't possess this quality and I am constantly struggling with the question, "What do I want to do with my life?"

This persistent question has lead to a variety of life plans, and twist and turns down different paths. I currently possess one Bachelor's Degree (B.A) and a Master's Degree (M.A) in the long run, I am not sure what I want to do with my life. I am currently toying with the idea of going back to school and getting a second Masters, this time a M.S in Marketing. Believe it or not, I have worked in my field of marketing for 11 years, without a degree in this field. Getting this degree could potentially solve a few problems.

The first problem it could solve is providing me a degree in the field of my current profession. This would allow me to add to my credibility and my knowledge base of the entire marketing field. While hands-on experience is great, it's also great to back your experience up with education.

The second problem it could also solve is provide me with enough credits to be an adjunct in another discipline for college level teaching, and qualify me to teach at the high school level. Because of the dual purpose of this degree it does appeal to me, while the prospect of going back to school is intimidating.

Ultimately, I have no clue what to do, what is the right decision. I wish I could afford to be a PhD student in this area. Since, I can't, I have to keep working and making money.

posted on Apr 16, 2013 7:08 AM ()


I am 55 and yet I have not decided what to do with my life. I am not sure whether it's a lack of conviction or courage. I have been told I have the tools to become a writer...but within I guess I am still that child who lacked the self-esteem to try something and not be afraid to fail. Beth take that step and never look back, good luck.
comment by redwolftimes on Apr 16, 2013 1:12 PM ()
reply by spicybitch on May 13, 2013 8:39 AM ()
To return to school once you have real world experience would be a unique experience. For one thing, you'd discover how limited the academic perspective is. But once you marry up academia with the real world, you'd be a real catch. Perhaps your current employer would be interested in "sponsoring" your return to school, at least partially, on the promise to stay where you are for a minimum number of years.
comment by steeve on Apr 16, 2013 11:18 AM ()
Mucho appreciato!
reply by spicybitch on May 13, 2013 8:39 AM ()
It sounds like a great idea to get an MA in the field you are currently working in. I think it's a big mistake for people to get advanced degrees in an entirely different field - such as an administrative assistant getting a law degree - thinking that once they have it doors will fly open because there is usually more to it than just the degree: there is a matter of WhoYouKnow and paying dues. Plus a lot of people who do the hiring discriminate against those who started at the bottom and are trying to work their way up.
comment by troutbend on Apr 16, 2013 10:02 AM ()
reply by spicybitch on May 13, 2013 8:39 AM ()
That is a tough one. Another Degree is always good to have. Wishing you a full ride scholarship so you won't have to work while going back to school!
comment by sexysadie on Apr 16, 2013 9:42 AM ()
You and me both girl!
reply by spicybitch on May 13, 2013 8:39 AM ()
Decisions decisions!
comment by kristilyn3 on Apr 16, 2013 8:46 AM ()
reply by spicybitch on May 13, 2013 8:40 AM ()

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