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Retired from the New York Times. Non-professional ballet dancer creaking through private workouts, serious classical pianist, sketch artist of sorts, fulminator on issues, in-your-face essays, feisty but manageable. Mostly a nice person. From time to time, a fanged, shaggy carnivore.

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If you are a woman, you may have noticed ads on line for miracle skin care creams that reverse those lines and make you look like a teen again. Various celebrities – Kate Middleton, Betty White, Joa...
I have a white terrycloth man’s bathroom I use. It has a blue legend on the back that says “I’m Preferred” that was a premium offered by the bank that Jay and I used in New York. Don’t ask m...
This phish I got in my e mail is so priceless that I had to post it. I forwarded it to Spam@uce.gov and then deleted it as spam. I hope they can get these guys. It’s tempting to respond and tell the...
I like to watch TV while on the treadmill, and I often choose programs that are fun and not political, and my favorites are the house reno shows and the great transformations these people do. The comm...
Well, my computer keyboard finally died. About three months ago, I spilled coffee on it. Then I cleaned the keys, then I tried it out, and I couldn’t capitalize using the left shift key and that was...
When I got to highschool, age 13, in 1944, the first thing I did was to join the riding club. My sister had joined the year before. Every Friday, school closed at 1:00 and we were allowed to pursue on...
I have had a pinched nerve in my neck for about 8 days and when it wasn’t resolving on its own, I visited the nurse practitioner who works with my internist. She gave me a prescription for prednisol...
What I have lately been contemplating is an America that gives opportunity to the many and those who make itto the very top, turn the backs on those who are not able to do the same and turn into greed...
Go home Nobel Laureates, give up future efforts, whosits has designed a shirt that looks good untucked. His life had no meaning, he was depressed, lost, unshaven, a broken man, and then, oh, then, he ...
The phishers are at it again. I have gotten in the past week two e mails from third world countries telling me I have been chosen to receive a great sum of money and all they need is my banking info, ...
Toni and I went to the movies at the Bell Tower last Tuesday. They were showing My Cousin Rachel, which is from a novel by Daphne du Maurier that I have never read. There are two other versions, one w...
Here’s a heads up regarding on-line web sites that offer free samples, and they only need your credit card no. for the postage. Although I should know better,I wasn't thinking when I sent for a free...
said Ed when I recalled an incident from my early childhood. My parents wanted to have my teeth checked. I was about 5 years old. They took me to a free clinic in the Cook County Hospital Medical comp...
I was sick in early April and thought I was done for the season, but four days ago developed a mild fever, bronchial involvement, got weak, then got weaker, then coughed up a lung and couldn’t sleep...
My friend, Julie, who managed to retire from the public school system before being driven to become a serial murderer of teen-age boys, came down from Brooklyn for four days. We hung out and talked ou...