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Retired from the New York Times. Non-professional ballet dancer creaking through private workouts, serious classical pianist, sketch artist of sorts, fulminator on issues, in-your-face essays, feisty but manageable. Mostly a nice person. From time to time, a fanged, shaggy carnivore.

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into the past again.Reaching into the past again, I recalled the name of a man I knew when I was in my early 20s, working in Chicago at the Convention Bureau, that I considered a real step up because ...
A ray of hope re. net neutralityDemocratic U.S. Senators are fighting back, with the “magic number” of 30 co-sponsors for a bill keeping net neutrality provisions intact having now been reached. T...
The thought struck me today that I should count all the silverware and I discovered that my (former) cleaning lady Caroline, helped herself to three of everything in the set except the tablespoons. 3 ...
Well, I am going to write about domestic issues. I changed the bedding on our Tempurpedic split king bed on recently. It took most of the day, done in stages, with rest periods They call it a split ki...
I may have already posted these hilarious exchanges from actual court proceedings some time in the past, but I don’t remember and they are worth repeating. Court reporters took these down.Q: Are you...
Ed likes to watch re-runs of the Hatfields and McCoys, a film made by Kevin Costner, who also appears in it. I have watched some of it, not by plan, but just because it is occasionally running in the ...
I am deeply saddened to learn today that Dimitri Hvorostovsky, a phenomenal Russian baritone from Siberia, died at 55, on November 22 from a cancerous brain tumor. Now I know that the world of grand o...
When Ed and I packed up our New York apartment, we filled up a couple of cartons with our liquor and most of it is still sitting in the garage. We hadn’t been using it much because Ed stopped drinki...
In New Bedford, Mass., police put a program in place to protect children from child molesters. Since their township does not allow signs, they mandated that all registered sex offenders have their lig...
I guess the poem I wrote the year I lost Jay is kind of parochial. But here it is anyway. play me an old song, recapture the past, remind me once more of things that will last, think of us as we were ...
I just bought a pair of silver leather low boots to enhance my white witch halloween costume, with the fond hope that someone, anyone, will invite me to a costume party. Have to work on that. They wer...
I don’t like to tie shoelaces, so I flop around unless it’s really important. Well, now that I am wearing low boots, I do tie them. I don’t like to empty the dishwasher. I don’t like clearing ...
Ed was streaming a documentary about the Rockefellers and I was watching too. It reminded me of a connection to the family I experienced when I worked for the New York Times Syndication Sales. We had ...
I took my computer in to Cee Monday morning. Good thing I was first because she gets very busy. Anyway, it took two hours and I waited, and she was able to copy my hard drive and then transfer it to a...
I'm using Ed’s computer. Mine wasn’t booting up properly. I’d get a screen that included a line that said something about imminent failure. And if you pressed the F1 key, the boot would continue...