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Estes Park, CO
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Hotel - Hospitality


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We have some vacation rental cabins and trout fishing on the Big Thompson River in Northern Colorado, but that's our hobby. Mostly, we are retired.

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I enjoy seeing how some of the Las Vegas restaurants describe their special Thanksgiving menus. The Palms: Roasted pumpkin soup, foie gras torchon or Waldorf salad; Alaskan halibut, langoustines or br...
The other day we were eating supper at the breakfast bar, and a good-sized rodent climbed up from behind the stove poked out its head. I think it was flushed out by the oven being on and it was hot ba...
Bears have been active at my nearest neighbors' house, but so far not at mine. They are getting ready for hibernation, searching out sources of food, and this includes breaking into houses, sheds, and...
For some reason the leaves on our trees down here in the canyon are slow to turn color this year. It's more of a fading, and eventually they will turn yellow. Monday we are supposed to get the first s...
The new cabin still isn't completely done, but we're getting to the end. Today the builders painted the entry doors. I was going to leave them white, but 'those drywall guys put a bunch of dents' in t...
Everyone's shocked. I didn't hear from Mr. Troutbend all day, so finally called him. We usually communicate by email, so me calling him is the equivalent of 'don't make me come down there.' In Las Veg...
We are in a race to finish the new house before the highway closes on October 2nd. The builders have fooled around all summer, working only about 6 hours a week, and now it's down to the wire. If they...
There are a couple of biscotti recipes I like to make. I find they bake up more crispy and tender if the dough is fairly gloppy, not stiff. If you want to make them fancier, melt some chocolate and di...
Here's the ladder that Mr. Troutbend made using ideas from YouTube videos. The part at the top has handholds for something to hang onto as you step out onto the upper floor. The treads from that ladde...
Maybe one of the most exciting things about the new cabin is the septic system going in. It signals that we are toward the end of the project, even though there is still a lot to do. I'm sorry the yar...
Here's what's happening here on the Big Thompson this week:An elk came to visit. A robin is sitting on her nest. The woodwork and doors at the new cabin - it's going so slowly I hesitate to call it 'p...
The next-door neighbors, which is how we refer to our cabin guests, had an extra ticket to the Rooftop Rodeo, so invited me to go with them. It's called that because we are at high altitude. Other ro...
This morning it was baking hot in the sun. If we had humidity, it'd have been unbearable. But then it clouded over, and even though it didn't rain, it was relief from the heat and carried us through t...
We're one lightning bolt or careless campfire or illegal firework away from a wildfire here. Today I nagged my Facebook group audience to take a few minutes to think about what they need to gather up ...
Finally, the cabinets are going in at the new cabin. I forgot what they looked like, ordered them in September, they were delivered in October, sat in the boxes on the deck all winter.This is a wine ...