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Estes Park, CO
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Hotel - Hospitality


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We have some vacation rental cabins and trout fishing on the Big Thompson River in Northern Colorado, but that's our hobby. Mostly, we are retired.

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Finally, the cabinets are going in at the new cabin. I forgot what they looked like, ordered them in September, they were delivered in October, sat in the boxes on the deck all winter.This is a wine ...
I know! I should! Facebook less. Blog more.Someone invited me to help administer their Facebook group because they were jealous of the info I post on the one for our neighborhood. I looked at theirs a...
Our annual spring runoff has started. It was a snowy year in the high mountains of our watershed and warm weather has come. The percentage is for this time of year - we have 331% of the normal snow wa...
I grew up in a small Colorado town of about 800 people. My relatives settled there around 1892 or so, moving from Ballston Spa in upstate New York. Yesterday I searched Colorado's Historical Newspaper...
Around the river bend from our house, the big 2013 flood eroded our river banks and ever since there were big trees perched on the edge with little to no dirt around their roots. It was a matter of ti...
The last frost date in my area is Memorial Day. We have to restrain ourselves from putting out plants and starting our water pumps until then, and this year reminds us of why that is. Once the storm m...
We still have a red cabin that could be Martin's. It was built in 1925, doesn't have utilities, but is still charming. The name is Jazz Mamma (with two Ms). There was a twin cabin across the yard call...
It has taken a very long time to get this cabin built because of the road closure, but they are finally working on the inside. The shape and size is the same the same as the old cabin, it just looks b...
The things that happen at workplaces are fun to watch, especially as a non-employee. Our watershed coalition was allowed to have a cubicle in the city public works building, and I have spent a lot of ...
We are starting spring runoff where our river will swell to four times the usual flow. It usually lasts through June, and this is expected to be a high year. It doesn't help our fire danger: all the w...
It was hard to pick a cake. ...
This title makes me think of Texas Hold'em poker with its river card, the final shared card. Some federal flood recovery money is going to pay for some river design at my house, and the consultants we...
The highway department wants to do another full road closure this coming winter, from October through May 2018. And this summer they plan to close the highway weeknights from 9 pm to 5 am. The current...
I hope you get to do all your favorite things.xoxo Laura...