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Troutbend's Comments

They built bridges instead of walls.
Comment on Travel Lecture - Feb 22, 2018 9:09 AM ()
I thought I commented on this, but don't see it here. I googled that restaurant and saw a photo of the salad, or near enough to how you described it. When I was a kid, iceberg lettuce was the only kind we ate at home, partly because our little grocery store didn't carry the 'exotic' types like romaine. My mother had a recipe for a tossed salad of various vegetables that at that time seemed so special, called for romaine and avocados, and today it's what I consider mundane. Nice enough, but not anything to write home about..
Comment on Bits and Pieces Redux - Feb 20, 2018 8:44 PM ()
So many years ago, but some things seem like they happened yesterday.
Comment on It's the Real Thing---not! - Feb 20, 2018 8:33 PM ()
Winter's tough, seems there's always something to deal with. The twister thing to wring out a mop would be very important to me.
Comment on Water - Feb 16, 2018 9:46 AM ()
Yes, good thing it didn't happen to you - Ed might rub it in. The bank account that check is for could have $100 or less in it, and he's got his 'real' bank account somewhere else.
Comment on Just Glad it Wasn't Me - Feb 9, 2018 12:59 PM ()
I never thought of cowboy caviar being sold in jars.
Comment on What Do You Know About Capsicum? and Do You Care? - Feb 8, 2018 6:43 PM ()
We already have tunnels/pipes that bring water from the supposedly wetter western slope to the eastern slope of the Rockies - built in the 1940s/50s - before Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Phoenix grew so large and now they wish they hadn't signed away that water. Within the various states, there are projects proposed to pipe water from rural areas to cities, but the rural areas are also growing, so people are feeling the pinch.
Comment on Winter is Back East - Feb 6, 2018 8:51 PM ()
Comment on Friends Just Know! - Feb 5, 2018 6:17 PM ()
Great last sentence, Martin.
Comment on "Winchester"--movie Review - Feb 3, 2018 12:37 PM ()
I think you're wise to ignore the request. He'll get there anyway, but at least it won't be you helping him. Hope you're feeling better today. I was watching an animated Snow Cover in the United States map - marveling at how much winter you all have had out there, and how little here in the west.
Comment on Domain News, Boring. - Feb 2, 2018 9:02 AM ()

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