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Troutbend's Comments

I'm glad you made it through, and am sorry for the bad several days.
Comment on "I'm Still Here!" - Sept 19, 2017 8:13 PM ()
Computers are more important than smart phones. We don't have a signal up here, so my phone use is very limited. I actually get more use out of the apps on my 'smart' iPod because I run it off the wifi here at home.
Comment on Update on Stuff - Sept 19, 2017 8:10 PM ()
I can see why she wanted them, very nice colors and pattern. If you've got something in inventory that you want to move, try wearing it and everyone will want it.
Comment on It Was Bound to Happen - Sept 18, 2017 11:22 AM ()
Yes, get the smart phone just in case there will be some one app that you'll find very helpful some day. It can be something as obscure as telling you what's on sale at the grocery store that week. You don't have to go overboard with learning all the new apps and things, take it at your own pace. I found the worst of it was that with my flip phone I had a little key pad, and smart phone has one on screen, and it's hard for me to touch the correct buttons when I try to type text. After that big storm, I'm glad this is your biggest problem.
Comment on Technically Beset - Sept 16, 2017 2:41 PM ()
Thanks for the update, Teal. It has been days of worry and hope.
Comment on Safe - Sept 12, 2017 1:49 PM ()
70 is the new 40. I've always loved spice cake, we don't see it talked about much any more. I'd like to make one, but if I sit still long enough, I'll get over it. Did you get a new cat yet?
Comment on Happy Birthday - Sept 9, 2017 11:16 AM ()
I wondered what that mess in the photo is. I'm sure it's very tasty, looks like a half a box of candy on top of a cookie. Come Monday, I don't want to be reading how Karen Point was the hardest hit of the whole of Florida. If you have a copy of John D. MacDonald's "Condominium" that would suit the theme of the weekend.
Comment on Leading up to Hurricane Irma--weather Report - Sept 7, 2017 9:31 PM ()
There is a restaurant/bar in Omaha that has a week-long Reuben celebration every year, and reading about it always sounds so good, but not good enough to inspire me to drive to Omaha.
Comment on NY Marina Deli--restaurant Review - Sept 6, 2017 7:14 PM ()
Restaurant prices always shock me. I realize they have lots of overhead and so on, but for us dining out is a treat except at Las Vegas buffets where Mr. TBend can use his gambling points and it's not the really special ones. Sometimes he gets a free restaurant meal. He won't listen to me when I tell him it'd be cheaper to not gamble - use that cash to pay for things directly, but he doesn't agree.
Comment on What Was Cheap Yesterday is Expensive Today! - Sept 4, 2017 4:11 PM ()
I think of things to bake, but then don't get around to it. I did remember to make a batch of biscotti for Mr. TroutBend to take to Las Vegas.
Comment on Football Season Again ... .Sigh! - Sept 3, 2017 9:20 AM ()

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