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Change is the only constant in my life. And no, I don't think that's necessarily--or constantly--a bad thing. And I'm kind of disappointed that there is no "very interested but probably not ready" under the relationship box. Ha.

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Years ago, when I was in the process of falling in love with TOD’s dad, things were purely magical. Oftentimes, out of nowhere, I would be surrounded by the most beautiful aroma of fresh flowers. It...
I have become addicted (again) to the pointless time management games on the computer. This has resulted in a total lack of interest in facebook and pretty much every other internet thing that I was i...
So it's the New Year. Resolutions? I don't really make them. I don't really need a reason to feel like I haven't done something well enough, and that's exactly what happens when I break (fail) my reso...
This time tomorrow night I will probably be finishing the wrapping of the packages. I haven't started. Surprise. Every present is downstairs at my mom's. I don't know if she has started or not. I'm as...
I get a phone call Sunday night. It was the past a ringing. That wasn't anything new because he and I talk a lot. It was the fact that he was calling to tell me that he was coming to my town with a fr...
I don't know why, but I have this gnawing feeling that something is coming. The feeling is so strong that it makes me want to get up and lose myself in some menial task as a way to work out the anxiet...
It’s official, peeps. I have invited Christmas into my house. But it’s different this year. The family unit as we know it is different. What does that mean? Well, Assthew is gone, and that...
This is the way I see it:You were brought into my life because you were supposed to be brought into my life. There is a lesson that is to be gained from every single person we encounter. Sometimes tha...
Thanksgiving is done. *Sigh* I was sitting here yesterday afternoon, listening to the girls and their playful babbling, when I had this thought of "Isn't there supposed to be more than this?"Mine isn'...
I work in three different classrooms. My main duty is covering lunch breaks for the teachers. One class is always napping when I go in there for my hour, so I spend most of the hour sitting in a rocki...
It was almost 12:30 last night when the phone rang. I didn't think it could be for me because I didn't recognize the cell phone number that showed on the screen, so I didn't answer. Then something tol...
So I am going to a Bible study every Friday morning. Funny, that, eh. I realize that a lot of people from my world are so surprised when they find out I have submerged myself into such things. But I h...
Not all of the things I write are with a purpose. Granted, some of them are, but most of them are just because I like to "speak" here. I mean, no one from my real life knows that I do this, so I am fr...
So how long has it been since I have posted on this site? Anybody? Because I have no idea. And I am almost tempted to go back and look. But I don't really want to because: A) I have no idea of what it...
1996* Remember “Jerry Macguire?” “The English Patient?” * Whitewater Scandal Hillary Rodham Clinton testified before a grand jury* The summer Olympics held in Atlanta, Georgia * I talked to hi...